If you find a pet in Montgomery County, you can always take it to the shelter in Rockville, or if you need it picked up, call them at 240-773-5960. If the owners aren't found, there is a very good chance it will be adopted.

If you would like to hold onto the pet until the owners can be found:

First thing you should do if you find a pet anywhere: take it to your vet (or nearest animal shelter) and have it scanned for a microchip. If it has a chip, you can call the registry and find out to whom it is registered. The vet or shelter can tell you how to do this. Staff can also help you describe the pet for your found report, or the shelter can take the pet if you prefer not to hold onto it.

If you find a pet in or near Montgomery County, please be sure to file a report with the county shelter (the Montgomery County Humane Society) right away. Lost reports from all over the county and beyond are filed with the shelter every day, and the owner of your foundling might be but a phone call away. Call them at 240-773-5960 to register your lost report. Occasionally there are waits on the telephone line and if you encounter this you can go to their website at http://www.mchumane.org/ and click on Programs and Services>Lost & Found Animals>File a Lost and Found Report. If the forms aren't working, use the email address to send in your report: mchs@mchumane.org . When they receive your report they will search lost reports already on file, and contact you if they have a match.

If it is convenient for you, visit the shelter to look at the lost reports. Shelter staff will usually have matched your found report with a lost report if they can, but often you who have seen the pet will be better able to recognize the owner's description.

To file and search for other reports online, go to: Call or send photo posters to all the vets in your area and beyond. Also, post flyers, talk to your mail and paper carriers, and post on a neighborhood listserv.

If you live near the DC line, go to: http://www.washhumane.org/lost_found.asp

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR THOSE WHO LOSE A PET: If you lose a pet, you can follow what's at the shelter on a daily basis by going to: http://www.petharbor.com/

Type in your zip code, click FIND SHELTERS, check Montgomery County Animal Control & Humane Society (and PG County if appropriate) and click SEARCH. Then click I LOST MY PET and the species (dog, cat, other) and then click SEARCH NOW and you will see a display of all the cats/dogs/others currently at the shelter.

This is a great way to keep track of what's been taken in. Pets found DOA and those at the vet will not appear, so having a lost report and visiting the shelter every few days is very important. Also, Pet Harbor doesn't display the found location, so if you see something you think is your lost pet, make a note of the A# and call the shelter to find out where it was found.

For more ideas, go to FYI for anyone with a pet, it's always advisable to have your pets microchipped, even those you don't think will ever get loose, so that the shelter can immediately know who owns them should they ever wind up there. If they wear their microchip ID tag, anyone who finds them can also notify the registry and the owners will be called.

[provided 5/6/2009 by]
Robin Siegel
Volunteer Photographer, Montgomery County Animal Shelter
For the shelter: http://www.mchumane.org 240-773-5960

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