The Brookdale Association may now establish permit parking on a block-by-block basis. In a block where the restriction applies, a vehicle without a permit will be ticketed if it parks on the street during defined hours, normally Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 pm. (Of course, this does not affect parking in your driveway.) If your car has a permit, it may park on the street at any time.

After any block has agreed that permit parking will apply to it, a special County unit will enforce the restriction. In that process, the patrol of all Brookdale streets will increase. That special unit may ticket cars on other blocks if parking laws are disobeyed.

GETTING IT ESTABLISHED: If two thirds (2/3) of the residences (not owners) in your block request it, the restriction will be established for that block. The "block" includes homes on both sides of the street between two cross streets; corner lots may belong to two blocks with different restrictions. When you submit the request, you will specify the details, including which side(s) of the street are covered and the times the restriction will be in effect.

If you want permit parking to apply within your block, talk with a few neighbors to discover their interest, then talk with your VP or our president about getting the official form and other details.

If a block chooses to have permit parking, if you want to park on the street during the day, you will purchase a permit for $20 good for two years. Permits may be purchased for guests such as baby sitters. Visitors' permits would be free. Service vehicles would be exempt.

Here is the County FAQ.

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