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CHEVY CHASE LAND COMPANY: On July 29, the Chevy Chase Land Company presented plans for developing its property to the Planning Board. Previously, the Land Company had claimed that they were within their rights to exceed the maximum building height allowed by zoning, but abandoned that position in the face of strong community opposition immediately before the hearing. Due to extensive testimony from Chevy Chase Village residents and the Friendship Heights Citizens' Coordinating Committee, the hearing lasted till past midnight. The most contentious issue was whether the Land Company is providing enough community amenities to justify the additional density they are being granted. Traffic is also of great concern.

The Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the development, which will occur under two separate zoning categories. Strictly speaking, the Planning Board approved only that portion of the site which is currently occupied by the existing building, along with a small portion of the parking lot. The building will be demolished and rebuilt in stages, with Clyde's and the grocery store remaining in operation throughout construction. When complete, this portion of the project will have street-level retail similar to what currently exists. A nine-story office building will occupy the center of the site above the stores and will mirror the existing Metro Building across Wisconsin Circle. Clyde's will be a freestanding two-story building. A small park will be constructed at the NE corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Wisconsin Circle.

BUT WAIT, there's more. ... Beginning on Sept. 6, hearings dealing with the remaining portion of the site will begin before the county's hearing examiner. These hearings will deal with the two new two-story retail buildings that are proposed for the Wisconsin Ave. edge of the site. In addition, the proposed parking scenario will be reviewed in detail. Planned parking for the site calls for three levels of below-grade parking with surface parking in a configuration similar to the existing lot. The Land Company claims that none of the mature trees on the site can be saved -- this will clearly be an issue. The impact that the proposed development could have on traffic will be another major issue.

The anticipated schedule for these hearings is attached, but will likely change as hearings progress. If you plan to attend hearings or wish to give testimony, please call Allison Fultz at 301-657-3710 for updates to the schedule. Allison serves as a consultant to Chevy Chase Village and is co-chair of a committee of Village residents who have been examining the Land Company's plans since this past winter.

HECHT'S: New England Development, which handles development of the May Company site (Hecht's), has indicated that they will be proceeding with the next phase of development approvals this fall. The company is behind in the original schedule because it has had difficulty reconciling the competing demands of the first phase of construction, which calls for excavation of part of the site for construction of approximately four levels of underground parking, construction of the new Hecht's building, and accommodation for parking and the continued operation of the Hecht's store. Once the new Hecht's is in operation on the corner of Friendship Blvd and Western Ave, the existing Hecht's will be demolished to free up the rest of the site for development. Ultimately, the site is planned to house the new Hecht's, a second anchor store, two levels of retail, an apartment building, an office building, a 225-bed hotel, and a community center.

GEICO: Since securing subdivision approval in February, GEICO has been the quietest of the three sites.

Hearing Dates on Rezoning Chevy Chase Land Co. Site

Sept.     7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 21 -- 9:30 am - 5:30 pm at County
Council Bldg.
Sept. 22 -- 1:30 - 5:30, County Council Bldg., resume at 7:30 pm,
Chevy Chase Village Hall
Sept. 23 -- 7:30 pm, Chevy Chase Village Hall
Sept. 24, 27, Oct. 5, 6 -- 9:30 am - 5:30 pm at County Council
Report on TMD Working Group for FH

A "working group" has been meeting monthly to provide the structure for a Transportation Management District (TMD) for Friendship Heights. The group, convened by the County, with representatives of neighborhoods and developers, has prepared a draft resolution for action by the County Council. The resolution will authorize a Transportation Management Organization (TMO) and a more-permanent advisory group of residents and business representatives from Maryland, with comparable representation from the District of Columbia after DC adopts similar legislation. Working through the Department of Public Works and Transportation, the TMO is intended to create and promote programs to decrease reliance on single-occupancy car driving in our area.

TMOs in other areas of the County, which have focused on driving by the employees of area businesses, have had quite modest effects. This working group is recommending that programs for traffic mitigation deal with all driving within our District.

The County Council has officially received the draft resolution. Public hearings in September and work sessions will precede any eventual Council approval.

Permit Parking

With the construction of a multiplex cinema at Mazza Gallerie and other development, there has been growing concern in Brookdale about potential non-resident parking on our streets. Permit parking is one avenue being explored to help protect the neighborhood. The County has advised Brookdale Community Assoc. (BCA) that the public hearing for comments on the proposed permit parking zone for Brookdale is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 6, at 4:30 pm at the Executive Office Building, 101 Monroe St, Rockville, MD. BCA will let you know when the date becomes final and provide information about how to sign up to testify. County policy normally is to establish a permit parking zone for the entire subdivision in question. In our case, this would encompass Brookdale, Wohlshire and Orchardale. Following establishment of the permit parking zone, individual blocks can petition for the form of permit parking that best suits their needs.

Sidewalk for Western Avenue

Construction of a sidewalk along Western Ave. should begin in late August or early September. According to Richard Earp, project engineer for Montgomery Co., it should take 1-2 weeks to complete the six-foot wide sidewalk between Cortland and River Roads.


                    FY 1999        July 1, 1999 - Aug. 10, 1999
Beginning balance   $12,019             $ 3,118
Money received        4,965               1,210
     Directory          444
     Dues to FH Citizens' 
       Coord. Council    500
     Adm. Expenses      422                  35
     Legal Expenses  12,500               2,935
Final balance       $ 3,118             $ 1,358

According to the Brookdale President, the Association entered the 1999 fiscal year (July 1, 1998) with an especially high balance because of a special fund drive to cover legal expenses relative to the GEICO rezoning. As of August 10, the legal fees for representation at the GEICO hearings have been paid in full. The 356 households in Brookdale would generate $7,120 a year with full participation.

Dues Request: Association membership dues are still due! Please send $20 (or $40 for those residents who have not paid during the past fiscal year) to Andy Colyer, Treasurer, 4625 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20816.


Pets Required to Be under Immediate Control

The Brookdale Association has received several complaints about dogs being walked without a leash. By County law, dogs may not run at large. Owners should keep their pets on a leash if they are not on their own property.

New Pooper-Scooper Law

According to Christine Swerda in the July 22 Washington Post, "On Aug. 6, owners of all animals in Montgomery Co. will be required to clean up after their pets that defecate on property other than that of the owner. ... Pet waste must be double-bagged in tightly-sealed plastic bags, and then discarded with regular household trash. Picking up and properly disposing of animal waste is important to prevent human contact with bacterial contamination. The fine for violation of the law is $100."

Please adhere to both these laws and keep our community safe and pleasant for all.

New Montgomery Co. Government Telephone Numbers

This summer all Montgomery County government offices' telephone numbers changed to the 240 area code plus new 7-digit numbers. The general number is 240-777-1000. Some of the most often used are listed on our web site (

Trash & Recycling

Brookdale's regular trash and recycling collection day is Friday. There are only 6 holidays a year that can delay collection until Saturday if the actual holiday occurs Monday through Friday. They are January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and December 25. During the weeks of Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving trash is always collected on Saturday. December 25, 1999 and January 1, 2000 are Saturdays and thus do not affect the scheduled Friday collection.

To discard anything other than "normal household trash" you must request a "special pickup" by calling 240-777-6410 anytime before 9:30 am the day prior to pickup to describe exactly what is being discarded. (The contents of boxes or bags need not be described.) Each household may request up to 5 special pickups per calendar year. Scrap metal may, however, exceed this limit.

Recycling is described in much greater detail in the back of the Brookdale Directory.


Now that summer is coming to a close and the new school year is upon us, there are a few things we would like you to know about our neighborhood schools. The three public schools serving Brookdale are Westbrook Elementary School, Westland Middle School, and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School (BCC). All three open on September 1. Schools close September 6 and 20 for holidays and October 6 and 22 for teachers' professional development activities.

Westbrook Elementary holds an "open house" for parents and students on August 31 from 8:30 to 9:30 am. Westland Middle School holds "Back-to-school" Night for parents Sept. 16 beginning at 7:30 pm. BCC holds its sessions for the next two years at Northwood, a "holding" high school for the county on University Boulevard in Silver Spring. Student orientation begins August 30 at 8:30 am. Parents are invited to a "Back-to-school" Night September 8 at 7:30 pm.


Photography Exhibit

Evelyn Aikman's show "Quiet Places" opens at River Road Unitarian Church (6301 River Road) with a reception Sunday, September 5, 2-4 pm. Photographs may be viewed 10-3 M-F through September 21.

Community Yard Sale
Residents are invited to hold yard sales on Saturday, October 2, with coordination from the Association, but in their own yards. The Brookdale Community Association will advertise the sale. All those wishing to participate should call Christie Perez (301-215-4199), coordinator. She will ensure that advertising signs point in the appropriate directions!

Halloween Party
The annual Halloween Party will take place Saturday, October 30 noon to 2 pm in Brookdale Park. All are urged to come, in costume if possible. Games and goody bags are provided for children. Hot dogs, burgers, and snacks are available for everyone. A coordinator is needed for this event. Please call Mike Makuch or Ann Warner at 301-718-9134 to volunteer.


by birth
Anna Gayatri Singh was born to Carol Mitchell and Shamsher Singh (Harrison St.) on July 12.

Please send announcements of births, graduations, etc. to Gwen Lewis.

by moving van
We welcome the following neighbors who have arrived in Brookdale recently.

David and Karen Baratz
5325 Baltimore

Denise & Paul Standin
Jeremy & Kelly
4607 Harrison

Pierre & Jennifer Elisseeff
Sophie (6 mo.)
4611 Harrison

James & Crystal August
5204 Andover

Kiyoshi Nakasaka & Maureen Mcraith
Laura (4) & Kyle (2)
4701 Merivale

Charles Hewlett & Nancy Kim
Katharine (Rinnie) (14 mo.)
5201 Westport

If you are a newcomer, we hope that you have already received a warm welcome from your immediate neighbors. We would like to publicize your presence in the Bugle. The Brookdale Directory is useful in helping you navigate around the neighborhood. If the previous resident did not leave a copy, please contact Joy Sexton to obtain a copy (while they last), and give Doug Pearson your information (names, phone numbers, address, e-mail addresses) to add to the next update of the current directory and/or to be acknowledged in the Bugle.

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