Brookdale Newsletter, April 15, 1998

NOTE ITEMS IN THIS REPORT: Annual Meeting, Revision of
Constitution, Status of Development in the Friendship Heights
Sector, Web Site, Annual Dues


On or about July 9, a hearing examiner will receive testimony on
the request from property owners to rezone parts of the sites
under the Friendship Heights Sector Plan.  In particular, GEICO
will request the TSM zone along Friendship Blvd. and Willard Ave.
for office and apartment buildings.  Questions have been raised
regarding if and how Brookdale should try to influence those
hearings.  (See Annual Meeting, below.)


A committee of the Brookdale membership has reviewed the
Association's Constitution and By-laws and proposed revisions. 
Thanks go to Kaspar Hunkeler, Lisa Sams, William Geiger, and
Maryn Goodson for their work.  After its further review, the
Executive Committee recommends that the Association accept
changes to the old version.  We will present amendments to the
Association for approval at the Annual Meeting. To optimize the
members' knowledge of the proposed revisions before the meeting,
we are relating the proposal in several forms:  
     First, a summary of the changes follows.  
(1) Division of "Brookdale" into slightly different areas north
of River Road for purposes of organization.
(2) Clarification of the Executive Committee - Membership limited
to elected officers; Duties of officers: Eliminating rotation of
"first" Vice President etc. (which Brookdale has not done in
recent years) and Generalizing of delegates to other civic
(3) Procedures for establishing and voicing a "position" on
issues affecting Brookdale - Removing the restriction that the
Association is "non-political" but clarifying other related
limitations, e.g., prohibiting political contributions and
requiring communication to the membership when the Executive
Committee takes positions.
(4) Increasing the level of expenditure that the Executive
Committee is able to approve without action by the full
Association to $2000.
(5) Clarifying that dues collection is based on properties but
voting is based on people. (The current constitution is vague on
this.)  In working through various scenarios, the Executive
Committee found it necessary to limit membership to residents. 
(6) Eliminating the Membership Committee (which has not existed
in recent years) as a standing committee but allowing it or other
committees established by the President.
(7) There are many other wording changes intended to clarify
meaning that I do not think are significant in policy terms.
     As a second means of circulating the proposal before the
Annual Meeting, the Brookdale Website (see below) has a copy of
the text as revised.  The site shows the entire proposed text,
and the easiest way to read the proposed version is on the Web.
     Finally, to see the actual changes, i.e., the original
version with deletions and replacements, each Vice President has
a few copies of the details (nine pages).  You may ask your area
representative for a copy.  
     Copies in the complete, latter form will be available at the
Annual Meeting.


The Brookdale Citizens' Association has its own site.  Point your
browser to
where you will find community news and links, officer contacts,
and some archives of the Association.  (Make it a bookmark.)  As
stated above, the proposed constitution and by-laws are posted
there.  Give me your requests for additional links and


The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, 1998, at
7:30 p.m., in the Westbrook Elementary School. (Door in the
     In addition to the annual election of officers, the agenda
now includes the revision of the constitution and by-laws and two
requests from the Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship
Heights for expenditures requiring membership approval.  The
first request involves legal expenses in opposing a car wash on
River Road at the corner of Little Falls Parkway.  The second
request addresses legal expenses and representation in the
hearings coming up on rezoning the GEICO site, as above.  As part
of the discussion on the proposed expense, there will be an
update on the development process.
     Both the old and the proposed constitutions require that
members must pay annual dues before they can vote on Association
business.  If you have not paid dues this fiscal year (since June
1, 1997), whether you intend to attend the meeting or not, please
send in your payment now.  Write a check payable to "Brookdale
Citizens Association" for $20 and send it to 
     Andrew Colyer, Treasurer
     4625 River Road
     Chevy Chase MD 20815


Allison serves as Vice President for Brookdale East (or Brookdale
North).  She is an architect, working with Bowie-Gridley
Architects in Washington, and has been known to bike to work via
the Capital Crescent Trail.  Allison and her husband, Steve
Langer, have a daughter, Naomi, who is an avid pedestrian and
user of Brookdale Park.

     I hope you read the article about Brookdale in the
     Washington Post of April 11.  If not, see the link to it on
     our web site.

Dave Montgomery,  President

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