Summary of Brookdale Citizens'Association position on the amendment for development of the Hecht site
December 2000

Brookdale Citizens' Association priorities with respect to
this and other nearby development sites are 
     1)   safety and attractiveness for pedestrians, 
     2)   the ability to use our cars on surrounding streets to
          reach and leave our homes,
     3)   minimally obtrusive views of the site and minimal noise
          and odors emanating from the site, and
     4)   the ability to safely and easily access the site by

We are asking for
þ    Design elements to mitigate wall effect of site
þ    Community Center run by Montgomery County Recreation
     Department using county fee schedule
          Orient the Center toward Friendship Blvd.
          Give the elevator a lobby
þ    Western Ave.
     Put utilities underground
     Preserve current trees, including Magnolia by Hecht's, and complete first row
     Add second row of large, shade trees
     Separate bike and pedestrian paths
     Increase set back if needed to accommodate the above
     Ensure the drop off is big enough for 4-5 cars
þ    Friendship Blvd.
     Increase set back to 30 feet
     Design curb cuts and sidewalks for pedestrian safety
     Place traffic controls lights inside garage (prior to sidewalk)
     Add windows and doors to buildings facing street
          Keep original Hecht's door facing Friendship Blvd.
     Coordinate traffic lights to promote use and traffic circulation
þ    Wisconsin Ave.
     Ensure double row of shade trees on Western side between
     Western and Willard Aves.
þ    Complete Park construction concurrently with 70% occupancy threshold of Phase I
þ    Parking
     Provide at least 1616 spaces
     If the grocery store option is exercised, parking should not be reduced
     Short-term Metro parking spaces should be free.  If additional time is used,
     only the additional time should be charged.
þ    Intersection improvement at River and Little Falls should include a
           northbound River Road left turn arrow.
þ    The owners of Friendship Place should be required to provide traffic
           signals on Friendship Blvd. as needed (prior to development of Friendship Commons).

Gwen Lewis, President
Brookdale Citizens' Association

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