Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who do I contact about the business or services of the Brookdale Citizens' Association? What is in the Association constitution and by-laws?
Shown here as amended in 2015.

How do I use the e-mail list for Brookdale?
A Brookdale "list" allows sharing messages by e-mail. Your message to "the list" is sent to all members who have subscribed. If you would like to join the Brookdale e-mail list, sign up at the following site:
Once you have subscribed, you can send a message to everyone on the list by addressing
'' {type the @ symbol, not '-at-'}

Can I get the County to plant a tree in front of my house?
This is the program. Ask your VP for details. Budget cuts have ended this street-tree program for the moment. However, two programs for helping you plant a tree still have money. Check Leav es for Neighborhoods and Marylanders Plant Trees coupon program.

Permit Parking: What do I do if I have lost my pet or found an animal that looks like a pet?
Read Pets: Lost and Found

What can I do about a street light that is out?
Read Streetlight maintenance.

How do I report a pothole?
This page tells how to call or to submit a service request online.

Is the person knocking at my door legit?
Read Reporting improper door-to-door soliciting.

How can I learn about crimes reported in this area?
Residents can log on to the Police website www.montgomerycountymd .gov/police and link to the CrimeReports website.
They will see a map from which they can review the latest crime activity for any location within the jurisdiction of County Police. They may also receive free e-mail crime alerts that will be sent when incidents occur close to any address of interest. Users can control the e-mail by specifying the conditions under which they wish to receive alerts. Here is a direct link to a map centered on our neighborhood.

When and what can I recycle or have the County pick up?
See the announcements page for references. Hazardous waste has its own page.

How do I report a crime or otherwise contact the police if it is not an emergency?
When it is not a 911 call, call the Montgomery County Police at 301- 279-8000.

In an emergency, what are the phone numbers for utilities?
Pepco (Electricity)
	Power Outage 1-877-737-2662 (24-hour)
	Life-threatening Emergency 202-872-3432 (24-hour)

Washington Gas
	If you smell gas: 703-750-1400

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
	Water Emergency (breaks, back-ups) 301-206-4002 (24-hour)
      If you have an emergency and cannot get through by phone, 
      [Pepco has a map of outages on the web here.]

Where do I get information about closings and activities prompted by winter weather?
Montgomery County posts information about the effects of winter emergencies at this website. For a street that may have been missed by County plows, a report can be made via the County Web site at: eqsd.asp

Can I call the County directly about road maintenance?
For the '311 call system,' regular landline phones should dial 311. Cell phones must use 240-777-0311. Or call 240-777-7623 about Potholes, Sidewalk Repair, Shoulder Maintenance, Roadway Resurfacing, Maintenance of Trees in the County Right-of-Way, Scheduled Mowing of County Rights-of-Way, Storm Drainage Operation and Maintenance, Leaf Vacuum Collection, and Snow Removal/Ice Treatment.

How do I contact GEICO security?
Call 301-986-3483

What about other references and help?
Check the community page or the archives.

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