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Highlights from the Brookdale Citizens' Association's Annual Meeting,
May 5, 2010

Marie Moylan, BCA president, called the meeting to order at 8 p.m. She recognized Gwen Lewis' decade of editing The Brookdale Bugle. David Branick, director of the Wisconsin Place Recreation Center, reported briefly on the center's operations.

Suzanne Richman gave a presentation on behalf of the Little Falls Watershed Alliance requesting that the community place labels on storm drains that would alert people not to put pollutants in the drains. A motion was made and approved to purchase 30 labels at $6.50 each, a total of $195.

Larry Broadwell, BCA treasurer, presented the Treasurer's Report. He noted that the association's balances, as of April 15, totaled $15,310.08, about $1,300 more than last year. Dues receipts were down about 6.5%, to $2,620, but expenses were also down.

Eric Sanne gave a report on the impending opening of the new Whole Foods in the Wisconsin Place Center. Bob Cope first reported on additional developments in the Wisconsin Place Center. He then reported on the Westbard Sector Plan, noting that the Kensington and Chevy Chase Lake developments have moved ahead of Westbard on the agenda. He reported that the Capital Crescent Trail Coalition is looking toward the creation of a park near the River Road entry to the trail (see article below).

He reported that GEICO has two years left on the existing permits for the possible re-development of its headquarters property. Finally, he reported that construction was expected to begin this summer on the Western Ave retail development behind the Mazza Gallerie.

Among the announcements at the meeting, Marie Moylan gave a summary of crime incidents, and Dave Montgomery reported on the BCA website and listserve.

Mike Makuch, chairman of the Nominating Committee--whose other members were Barbara Ingersoll, Hal Wolman, Steve Heyman, and Mike Freeman--reported that the BCA officers had all been nominated for the same posts again: Marie Moylan, president; Diane Tanman, vice president, Orchardale; Peter Sisler, vice president, Wohlshire; Jesse Witten, vice president, Brookdale North; Steve Snyder, vice president, Brookdale South; Larry Broadwell, treasurer; Jonathan Cedarbaum, secretary. The slate was approved.

Marie Moylan opened the floor for attendees to raise additional issues of interest to the community. The following issues were discussed: the need for road repair, particularly because of the effects of the blizzard; the need for a crosswalk on Friendship Boulevard; the traffic light at the entrance to GEICO and its effect on traffic flow--differing views were expressed, so the Executive Committee agreed to look into the matter and report back; speeding in the neighborhood; people parking cars on streets close to the Metro entrance; street-by-street permit parking, and the seven houses that GEICO continues to own. The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Bike Trail Plaza Under Consideration Diane Tanman

As part of an effort to redevelop the River Road and Westbard areas, the Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail (CCCT) has submitted an application to Montgomery County to build a trail rest area and plaza at River Road at the north side of the River Road Crescent Trail bridge.

The plan for the rest plaza includes seating walls, a pergola, pathways, bike racks, sculptures, a map case, and a water fountain on the north side of the River Road trail bridge.

Under the plan, the CCCT would take the lead in managing construction, and would contribute up to $75,000. The County's Parks Department will contribute plantings and construction services. The Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights (CCCFH), of which our Brookdale Citizens' Association is a member, will be contributing to the effort, as well as the Washington Episcopal School and individual community members.

The Capital Crescent Trail is a hiker-biker trail running for 11 miles that connects Georgetown to west Silver Spring. The trail was formerly used by the Georgetown Branch rail line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The B&O line, completed in 1910, was exclusively a freight line and carried primarily coal and building materials to Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and Georgetown. Trains stopped running in 1985. The CCCT was formed in 1986 to promote the development of the hiker-biker trail now known as the Capital Crescent Trail. The goal of the CCCT is to complete a first-class trail continuous to downtown Silver Spring with amenities--kiosks, water fountains, benches, and other features-- appropriate to a rail-trail nationally recognized as outstanding. The CCCT neither supports nor opposes light rail transit alongside the trail between Bethesda and Silver Spring (i.e., the Purple Line), as long as the trail is completed to Silver Spring as a first-class trail.

Ron Tripp, a longtime Brookdale resident and avid biker, currently serves as chairman of the CCCT. Contact Ron at 301-652-7940 if you would like to donate to the River Road Restoration Project.

GEICO Surveillance Dave Montgomery

To reach the Wisconsin Avenue business area from Brookdale, many of us cut through the GEICO "smoking shed" (which GEICO calls its "gazebo"). If you were one of the regular walkers in August, you noticed a new sign on the shed wall announcing increased "security surveillance." So what is behind the sign?

After talking with Officer Denise Gill, Community Policing Coordinator, and Terry Perkins, GEICO's new Assistant Vice President for Real Estate & Facilities Management, I have pieced together a story that starts the evening of July 3. After a confrontation near the bus shelter on Western Avenue at Cortland Road, the action shifted to the corner of Westport Road, near the "smoking shed," where six males stole $150 from four other young males. Police follow-up that evening led to several patrol cars on Cortland Road and the GEICO property. There is no documentation involving the smoking shed in the incident, and no criminal activity was charged in association with the shed. The impression remained, however, that the shed played some role in the activity. GEICO, simply as a precaution, has increased its surveillance of the shed and posted the sign. This is a GEICO measure, not an action by the police.

Post-Graduation Destinations (provided by Annika Glennon)

After celebrating the high school graduation of nine Brookdale students, we are now bidding them a fond farewell as they take their next steps. These recent grads are heading off to the following colleges:

Charlotte (Charlie) Benziger Eckerd College

Harriet Carson Loyola University New Orleans

Rachel Gefen University of Michigan

Annika Glennon University of Maryland, College Park

Brad McHugh Hampshire College

Josephina Silva-Lopes University of South Carolina

Alex Tanman Pennsylvania State University

Katherine Tripp Elizabethtown College

deLancey (Ann) Webster Denison University


If yours is not among the 80-plus households that prepaid annual dues for your citizens' association around the time of our annual meeting in May, this is your once-a-year opportunity to support:
our newsletter (The Brookdale Bugle)
the neighborhood's website and listserv (with need-to-know information on local services and bulletins on area crime)
community gatherings (such as May's annual meeting at the new Rec Center on Friendship Boulevard and the annual Halloween and July 4th celebrations in the park)
distribution of the neighborhood directory (once every 4-5 years)
and efforts to track and deal with developers' proposals that may affect our property values and quality of life.

Brookdale is an amazing place. Please continue to make it so by sending your check to our treasurer, Larry Broadwell, 5306 Saratoga Avenue.
REMEMBER - For a mere 20 dollars (payable to "Brookdale Citizens'Association") you will help build the ties that bind our neighborhood into a powerful force.

Brookdale Photographers Honored

In April Glen Echo Photoworks ran its Young Photographers 2010 Competition, a juried exhibit of kids' photographs. Four Brookdale girls exhibited their images. Congratulations to Ella Grove, Noura Jaber, Naomi Langer, and Catherine Yochum. Keep up the excellent work!

Recommended Preschools

In April 2010, Audubon Nature Preschool was featured on WAMU National Public Radio ( as part of "a movement to make the natural world a bigger part of the classroom." Both of my children attended this wonderful school situated within the Audubon Society's Woodend Sanctuary off of Jones Mill Road in Chevy Chase, where students explore walking trails, ponds, and gardens. Plenty of time is allowed for childhood discovery, and play. Additionally, naturalists lead walks teaching the specifics of natural science. Great emphasis is placed on encouraging children to have confidence, independence, and good social relationships. While I sought out the school for its emphasis on learning from nature, the thing I admire most is the time teachers devote to helping the children respectfully interact with the natural world and each other. Teachers patiently teach little ones how to articulate to adults and children their needs and thoughts. Students are deeply respected as full human beings. It is amazing to watch them blossom in this atmosphere. For more information or to schedule a private tour, call Stephanie Bozzo, the preschool's founder and director: 301-652-9188 x32.
Heidi Nasstrom Evans

Crestview Montessori School, a small treasure of a school very close to Brookdale, opened its doors in September 2009. Crestview garnered the much-coveted AMI certification in its first year and teaches children from 21/ 2 through kindergarten. Co-directresses Mary Horton and Cheryl Winebrenner bring more than 40 years of collective experience and unwavering enthusiasm to engage and expand young minds. In the inaugural year, Crest- view students explored the continents and multiple cultures in depth, conducted science experiments, learned how to play musical instruments, and began instruction in French, all under the guidelines set forth by Maria Montessori a century ago. The students also conducted community service projects that helped them appreciate what it means to be a good neighbor.
Denise Holmes

Located at the intersection of River Road and Goldsboro Road in Bethesda, Concord-St. Andrew's Cooperative Nursery School (CSACNS) provides half-day nursery school classes for two-, three-, and four-year-old children. The main educational philosophy is learning through play. It is a cooperative nursery school, which means that parents play an active role in the classroom as teachers' assistants. Co-op responsibilities include working with children in small groups and supervising the children to ensure that they play safely on the playground. The frequency of co-oping duties depends on how often your child's class meets, duties range from once every six weeks (two-year-old classes) to two times every three weeks (four-year-old classes). Only parents may co-op. The school was established in 1958 as a community outreach ministry of Concord-St. Andrew's United Methodist Church. It is a non-denominational preschool and includes teachers and children of all faiths.
Diane Tanman

Temple Sinai Nursery School, founded in 1992, is a creative place where children from 2 to 5 learn through playing. The school, located on Military Road in Chevy Chase, D.C., features a wonderful, expansive playground, where students spend part of their day, and devoted teachers who care deeply about each child. A music teacher spends regular time with the children, and leads them each Friday in a "Shabbat Sing" that features lively music; family members and caretakers are invited to join in. Art is a big part of the curriculum, and students bring home amazing creations almost daily. In addition, specialists are available to evaluate children for any speech or motor delays, and the school takes a very proactive approach to early intervention on those fronts. Director Perri Iger-Silversmith has been with the school from the beginning, and is constantly finding ways to make a great preschool even better.
Deborah Kalb

Brookdale Block Party October 2

The Annual Brookdale Block Party will be held Saturday, October 2, starting at 6pm. (Rain date Sun- day, October 3.) Festivities will be held on Dalton Road, close to the Andover intersection. Family- friendly beverages will be provided (water, juice, soda), as well as paper goods, music, home made pizza, and a chance to enjoy the company of your neighbors. Residents are asked to bring a dish to share, based on last name (or bring your specialty): A H Sweet, I Z Savory.

Questions? Call Regina at 301-907-9525

Brookdale Celebrates July 4, 2010 Noki Trias

Brookdale's enthusiasm and patriotism wasn't at all dampened by the fact that this year's July fourth parade arrived on a hot day, four days into a water-use restriction mandated by the WSSC. A crowd of about 80 residents turned out at 1:00pm to welcome Glen Echo fire truck #711 and to parade with it through the neighborhood as we celebrated our nation's independence.

This year, amid the smiles, neighborly chatter, festive music and delicious treats was a new sight: a game of Kubb set out under the shade of the Brookdale Park trees. Neighbor Larry Broadwell explained that its origins hail from Scandinavia, where one of his children is currently living. Kubb appears to be a blend of bowling, petanque, chess and horseshoes - all rolled into one game. After a quick rundown on the rules, a dozen residents took turns trying to take down the king. Isn't that what independence is all about?

Also new to the annual Brookdale Fourth of July party, was a food drive on behalf of Manna Food Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in Montgomery County. Brookdale neighbors contributed cereal, rice, beans and canned foods to share with those in need 118 pounds in all. According to Manna's website, the organization currently serves about 4,000 families per week, many of whom are victims of the current recession. Demand for food donations has increased 45% over last year, and continues to be strong. If you wish to make further donations, please visit Manna's website at

Many thanks to Jesse Witten, who organized the party, and to all the neighbors who brought food, fun and patriotic spirit to help make the event a success.

A Brief History of Brookdale
compiled by Gwen Lewis from previous Brookdale Bugle articles

The community now known as Brookdale started with several developers' dreams, but the land on which these homes were built had many uses prior to that. In the late 1800s through the 1920s it was primarily farm land with a scattering of homes. Remnants of Indian usage are rumored to be located near Harrison Street; attempts to locate a cemetery there have not been successful. Nearby Fort Bayard and Battery Bailey were the outposts of Union soldiers to protect the city of Washington during the Civil War.

The first house built in what was to become Brookdale dates to the 1890s. It is the Shoemaker farm house (whose address became 5205 Saratoga). In 1903 the Sullivan house was built (4704 River Road) on six acres. Two houses on Willard Avenue were built early 5325 in 1903 and 5329 in 1918. The Ball house was constructed at 5062 Park Place in 1913, as was another at 5014 (see Home Sales section). The Menefee house was built on River Road in 1918. A parcel of land known as Sullivan's Property River was platted in 1918, at which time several more homes were built. An early platting on Dalton Road was the P.R. Wilbert Subdivision which is the source of the current very small lot boundaries.

One of the first major developments in the area was the 1938-40 Brookdale community by Cooper Lightbown & Sons as developers and his nephew Stanley Lightbown as architect in which about 125 homes were built in the approximate area from Dover Road between Brookdale and Keokuk to Cortland Road between Western Avenue and Westport Road. After World War II a nephew continued to build on the empty lots left on Cortland and Westport through 1947. Orchardale was developed by several developer-architects and individuals in the vicinity of Willard Avenue, Baltimore, Saratoga, and Sherill, starting about 1939 and continuing after World War II.

In 1957 GEICO made a series of promises in return for Brookdale's support of their application for limited development on the site they now occupy. The site had been zoned for single-family homes. GEICO was granted commercial rezoning for the land under its building (only). Parking lots were allowed under special exception.

In 1958 the Brookdale Citizens'Association was incorporated to cover the "subdivision" of Brookdale. Wohlshire was built in the 1960s by Jay Wohlfarth, and extends along parts of Westport, Merivale, and River. These homes, in keeping with the times, were somewhat larger and ranged from ranch-style to colonial. In 1962 River Road was widened to 4 lanes and the county decided to prevent some streets from exiting the neighborhood onto River Road. Thus, Newport did not cross River and Westport became L-shaped. The streets were connected between Orchardale, Wohlshire, and Brookdale at this time.

In November 1971, the Orchardale Association was merged with the Brookdale Association, then referred to as the Tri-Community (with Wohlshire). This created the borders of Brookdale as they are known today.

To read about Brookdale's history in more depth, look for the following articles in past Bugles on the Brookdale Website:

"Some of Brookdale's Past" by Campbell Graeub, September 15, 2001
"Wohlshire in 1962" by Frank Rothwell, September 15, 2001
"Cooper Lightbown and Brookdale" by Roberta B. Holt, April 8, 2002
"History of Cottage" by Paul Drummer, January 2003
"Selective History of the Neighborhoods of Brookdale," January 2006
"Remaining Original Residents of Brookdale" by Gwen Lewis, January 2006
"Down Memory Lane" by Gwen Lewis, April 2006
"Five Historic Houses" by Gwen Lewis, April 2008

Classified Ads

Teen Seeks Work

Tamsen Evans (17), enthusiastic pet care.


Writers for Brookdale Bugle. Contact Gwen Lewis at 301-2159224 or

DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR HOUSEWORK? Reliable, meticulous, experienced housekeeper available now. Brookdale references; citizen. Please call Margarita at 301-2217921.

Recent Real Estate Transactions in Brookdale Phyllis Wiesenfelder*

Active Sales:

5005 Westport Rd was listed 9/2 at $789,999. The 3 br, 2 1/2 bath rambler was built in 1954.

4703 Overbrook Rd was listed 5/8 at $1,549,000. This 6 br, 5 1/2 bath colonial was built in 2006.


5014 Park Pl listed 9/3 at $724,900, under contract 9/5. This 1913 bungalow has 5 br, 2 1/2 baths.

5206 Saratoga, originally listed 4/8 at $849,000, was relisted 8/ 9 at $787,000, went under contract 8/14, and will close 9/8. The 3 br, 3 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1949.


5315 Willard listed 1/7 for $999,999, went under contract 2/23, and settled 3/19 for $980,000. the 4 bd, 2 1/2 bath arts & crafts was built in 2010.

4732 Merivale listed 3/25 for $749,000, went under contract 3/ 30, and settled 5/29 for $785,000. The 3 bd, 2 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1949.

4613 Merivale Rd listed on 3/5 at $1,495,000. Price adjusted to $1,395,000. Went under contract 4/28, and settled 8/27 for $1,210,000. The 5 br, 4 bath colonial was built in 1938.

4608 Cooper Ln listed 4/11 for $725,000, went under contract 4/17, and closed on 5/21 for $825,000. This 3 br, 2 bath, 2 half- bath colonial was built in 1935.

4626 River Rd listed for $759,000 on 4/22, went under contract 4/27, and closed 6/28 for the list price. This 3 br, 2 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1938.

5305 Baltimore Av listed for $769,000 on 7/12, went under contract 7/16, and closed 8/13 for the list price. The 3 br, 2 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1947.
5308 Sherrill Av listed for $899,900 on 7/8, went under contract on 7/13, and closed 8/12 for $901,000. The 5 br, 2 bath, 2 half- bath colonial was built in 1951.

4998 Dalton listed 7/29 for $749,000, went under contract 7/31, and closed 8/30 for $757,000. The 3 br, 1 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1938.


5210 Western Av listed 7/16 and relisted 8/11 for $4,700/mo. The 1939 colonial has 5 br, 3 baths. 4803 Dover Ct listed 8/15 for $4,500/mo. The 3 br, 2 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1946.
5307 Baltimore listed 9/3 for $3,500/mo. The 4 bd, 3 1/2 bath colonial was built in 1947.
4600 Overbrook Rd. listed 3/26 for $4,200/mo., rental application accepted 5/8 and rented 5/15. The 5 br, 4 bath colonial was built in 1936.
4625 River Rd. listed 5/17 for $3,500/mo., rental application accepted 6/11, and rented 7/1 for $3800. This 1938 colonial has 3 bdrm, 2 baths.
5214 Western Av listed 4/19 for $3,800/mo., rental application accepted 5/8, and rented 5/15. This 1939 colonial has 3 br and 2 baths.

*An agent for Long & Foster Realtors. For more information contact

Block Captains

Officer Bios

[Note: Due to Peter Sisler's being sent to Seattle for the year, Cathy Solberg was appointed to replace him.]

Marie Moylan, President, has lived in Brookdale since 1995, Irish by birth, she grew up in Canada and came to Washington to work for the World Bank in 1995. Her professional qualifications and experience are in the field of human resource management. She retired from the World Bank five years ago and continues to enjoy full time cycling and gardening with a little international consulting on the side. She served as VP, Brookdale North for 3 years (2006-2009). This is her second term as President. 951-7153

Larry Broadwell, Treasurer, has lived on Saratoga Avenue with his wife Marsha since 1994. He has served as a senior manager for the Danish Maersk Line interests in the US as well as several nonprofit organizations, including New York's Museum of Modern Art and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Now retired, the Broadwells split time between Brookdale and their daughters' families in New Jersey and Scotland. Larry also does guidebooks on hiking trails in our region for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, and he sometimes joins Marsha in work at the National Zoo, where she is a regular volunteer. This is Larry's third term as Treasurer. 215-7135

Jonathan Cedarbaum, Secretary, and his wife Alice Winkler, have lived on Saratoga Avenue since 2002. Both are originally from the Northeast, Jonathan from a suburb of New York City and Alice from northern New Jersey. They have a 7-year-old son, Louis, and a 5-year-old daughter, Dahlia. Jonathan recently joined the Obama Administration in the Department of Justice, having previously been a litigation partner in a law firm downtown. Alice has been a producer at National Public Radio for more than two decades. This is Jonathan's second term as Secretary. 986-5208

Steve Snyder, Vice President for Brookdale South (the south side of River Road), his wife Deborah and their now-five year old son Ari moved to Dover Road in October, 2006. They love the country friendliness of the community combined with the convenience to DC -- in fact, they love the neighborhood so much they had a daughter, Rebecca, December 2008 to increase their presence. Steve regularly rides his bicycle to work in downtown Washington, and Deborah and Steve sometimes ride their tandem bicycle (towing Ari in a trailer on the back) to work. Steve is a homicide prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's Office in D.C. and Deborah is an analyst for the Government Accountability Office. This is Steve's second term as VP. 657-2760

Cathy Solberg, Vice President Wohlshire, and her husband Don have lived on Westport Road since 2005. Cathy grew up in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Cathy came to the DC area in 1985 to work for KPMG, after graduating with an accounting degree from the College of William and Mary. After nine years in the financial services practice at KPMG, Cathy worked in risk management at Freddie Mac until 2006. Cathy is enjoying golf, tennis, travel, gardening, walking her dog Harper, and teaching financial literacy to ESL students at her church. 718-1802

Diane Tanman, Vice President Orchardale, and her husband Arman, have lived On Sherrill Avenue since 1999. Diane is originally from Central Ohio, and Arman from Turkey and Cambridge, Md. They have four children: Lauren,19; Alex,18; Clark, 7 and Thomas, 4. Diane came to DC in 1993 to work for the US Public Health Service but is currently at home. Arman has worked over 20 years as an engineer in the US Environmental Protection Agency. Diane enters her second year as VP, having replaced the former VP last Spring. 907-6572

Jesse Witten, VP for Brookdale North, his wife Melissa, and children Paul, Andrew and Maddy, have lived on Dalton Road since 1999, after two years in The Irene. He is starting his eighth year of a projected 13-year stint as a Westbrook Elementary School parent. Jesse grew up in Cincinnati, but is originally from Baltimore. He is an attorney with Drinker, Biddle & Reath where he defends people accused of Medicare fraud and previously worked at the U.S. Department of Justice. This is Jesse's second term as VP. 986-4648

Tree Planting Programs

Two programs for helping you plant a tree still have money. Check Leaves for Neighborhoods and Marylanders Plant Trees coupon program which can be accessed through the Brookdale Website: commun.htm.

Fall is the Time to Plant -- The time between Halloween and St. Patrick's Day is the time that gives a new tree the best chance of surviving transplantation.

Right tree, right place -- When deciding what tree to plant, try to visualize the tree at its mature height and width in the spot where you intend to place it. The website is a great place to look to get ideas.



On Sept. 2 a baby boy named Sebastian Lane Berry Casademunt was born to Katia Casademunt and Brian Berry who live at 4726 Merivale.

Susan and Jimmy Minichello, 4609 Merivale Road, welcomed their new baby, Abigail Hope Minichello, on Aug. 30. Abby joins her 4-year-old brother, Joseph.

Lori and Sam Solovey, 4604 Harrison, had a baby boy named Adam David on June 14.


Pat and Steve Lending moved to 5210 Western Av this summer for a year while Steve works as a lawyer for Toyota.

New neighbors moved this summer into 4732 Merivale: Shivani and Rishi Gupta and their 1 year old boy Tejas Gupta.

New neighbors at 4604 Harrison are Sam and Lori Solovey. (see birth)

Paul and Nicole Tysvaer have just moved to 4998 Dalton with their children Maya (6), Beckett (20 mos.) and Dahlia (20 mos.).

Our new neighbors at 5308 Sherrill Avenue are Christine Ryan and Ajay Jyoti, their daughter Priya (3) and son Rohan (18 months).

Arvin Vohra has just moved into 4626 River Road.

Liza and Chris Kourakis, along with their children Zachary (6, 2nd grade), Nicholas (5, 1st grade), William (3), and Paloma (10 weeks), expect to move into 5206 Saratoga Ave. shortly.


Paul and Cathy Jones, of 4803 Dover, have moved to Malaysia to begin Paul's stint as the new Ambassador to Malaysia.


Fred H. Sanderson, 96, died on July 10 at his home on Westport Rd. Dr. Sanderson was disabled because of suffering a brain aneurism about ten years ago. Fred and his wife Elisabeth, who died about 20 years ago, moved to Brookdale in 1966. Dr. Sanderson had immigrated from Germany. He earned his doctorate in Economics from Harvard University in 1942. He worked for the State Department for 28 years, serving on two presidential commissions and was the recipient of the Rockefeller Public Service Award. He taught at Johns Hopkins University's School for International Studies beginning in 1973. His speciality was food prospects and policies worldwide. Dr. Sanderson is survived by two nieces and three nephews in Germany. Frances Young, who took care of Dr. Sanderson for many years, and Frank Rothwell, his former next-door neighbor, provided much of this information.

If you are a newcomer, we hope you have already received a warm welcome. We would like to publicize your presence and other transitions in the Bugle. Please send items to the secretary, as listed on the website.

Brookdale Halloween Party

October 30 from 2 to 4

Location: Brookdale Park on Dalton Ave.

Please bring baked goods, finger foods or drinks to share! All neighbors are invited to mingle and share in the Halloween spirit! Contact Diane Tanman at 301-907-6572 or to help with the party!

      Speaking of pumpkins, who knew that Bob Cope, famous for protecting the residents of Brookdale and other communities from development, was a champion pumpkin grower? He won second prize at the Montgomery County Fair.

The deadline to submit articles, notices, and ads for the January 2011 issue of the Brookdale Bugle is 9 p.m. December 31. Don't delay. Be early.

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