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On behalf of the new Executive Committee of the Brookdale Citizens' Association, it is my privilege to write the Executive Committee Report for this issue of the Bugle. As you may know, the Brookdale Citizens' Association is president-less this year (June 2008 through May 2009). During the annual meeting in May, Steve Heyman finished his two-year tenure as President. His dedication and contribution to the community during these years and the years before as Vice President of Orchardale, as well as all his other work in the community, are clearly visible all around us and much appreciated by all of us. On behalf of the past Executive Committee, the new Executive Committee and the entire Brookdale community, I thank him for all his hard work, energy and devotion to our neighborhood and its citizens. I also thank departing Executive Committee members Risa Elias, Sarah Jessup and Suzanne Richman for their work on the Executive Committee.

This year's Executive Committee consists of three returning members including myself (Vice President of Orchardale), Marie Moylan (Vice President of Brookdale North) and Abner Oakes (Vice President of Brookdale South). I am happy to introduce the new members of the Executive Committee: Shaazka Beyerle (Vice President Wohlshire), Larry Broadwell (Treasurer) and Peter Sisler (Secretary). I am pleased and grateful to have such enthusiastic, capable and friendly people with whom to work.

How does an Executive Committee function without a president? This is an interesting question that the members of the current Executive Committee asked one another at our first meeting in the beginning of summer. Our answer was to divide the year into four quarters with each of the four vice presidents taking the lead during a quarter in the following order: myself (June through August), Marie (September through November), Abner (December through February), and Shaazka (March through May). We are confident that with your help, we will continue to serve this neighborhood and build upon the hard work already done to improve and better our amazing community. Your help is essential, very much appreciated and can come in many different forms. Whether you send in your annual dues ($20) in the envelope provided with this Bugle; work as a area liaison representative (block captain); volunteer to organize a neighborhood party, like the Halloween Party; help out with the annual community garage sale; or simply be a part of the community events, our neighborhood and each of us will benefit from a strengthened and unified community.

Some of the benefits to our neighborhood, such as the construction of the new playground at Brookdale Park, can be seen and enjoyed already. After several years of planning, the new playground was completed in April this past year. Certain improvements in the playground were added recently, like two chair swings in the older child swing structure. Other improvements are in the works. This fall additional trees will be planted around the new playground to ensure ample foliage in the future in the event that some of the older trees were irrevocably disturbed by the playground construction. The unfortunate drainage pipe issue at the playground where one of the drainage pipes empties out in the area between the two play structures is currently being analyzed by Park and Planning and is scheduled to be corrected during the cold months when the playground is least used.

Another visible benefit our neighborhood has begun to experience is the repair, replacement, and addition of curbs. While it was cumbersome to navigate through the construction equipment in our streets in July, the smooth new curbs around Orchardale and Wohlshire has been a pleasant and much needed alteration to our neighborhood. According to the Montgomery County Concrete Program Manager, the remainder of Brookdale North will be assessed within two weeks and installation of new curbs will take place in Spring of 2009. During winter 2008-2009, the Division of Highway Services, as part of the Renew Montgomery Program, will also evaluate the prospect of adding curbs in Brookdale South. Finally, the County will also be inspecting and assessing the need for storm drain improvements.

The curb work within Brookdale, however, has paled in comparison to the massive construction taking place all around us. The new Bloomingdale's building has now been overshadowed by the neighboring retail and residential development at Wisconsin Place. Pre-leasing of the 432 luxury apartments, located at the corner of Friendship Boulevard and Willard Avenue, is scheduled to begin this month, with occupancy in December 2008. For more information, visit _Place. The office building on Wisconsin Avenue boasting 305,000 square feet of office space states that it will be ready for occupancy in the last quarter of 2008. Visit for more information and updates.

The retail space, also known as The Shops at Wisconsin Place has already added Talbots to its merchants and plans to have Cole Haan, a high-end store specializing in men's and women's footwear, handbags, leather goods and outerwear, open a store. Also, Giggle, a shop specializing in baby items, including furniture, toys, and clothing, has indicated that it will be opening up its doors at The Shops in 2009. Besides clothing retail, leases are being considered for two or three restaurants that have yet to be named.

While it looks like the construction of Wisconsin Place is winding down, relative to the lengthy construction schedule, with an estimated completion in Spring 2009, there are other construction plans on the horizon. The parking lot behind Mazza Gallerie and opposite Lord & Taylor, which has stood seemingly abandoned for months, is being considered for construction, possibly of a one-story retail building. To date, there has been no detailed information on what kind of retail.

As always, the Executive Committee will do its best to stay informed and involved with the surrounding development and keep you up to date. The best ways for each neighbor to stay informed are to read the Bugle, check the Brookdale website, sign up for the Brookdale Listserv at, and contact any Executive Committee member with questions, concerns or comments. We are here to work with you to better our community. Let us know what we can do and, if you can, come help us do it.

Marina Bowsher
Vice President, Orchardale

Annual Meeting Ends in Unusual Election
The Brookdale Citizens' Association held its annual meeting May 29, 2008. Updates on several key issues affecting the community were provided. Among the highlights:
Brookdale Park Playground, Marina Bowsher reported that the renovation was nearly complete although drainage continued to be an issue. MNCPPC would plant trees in the Fall.
Curbs, the repair and installation of curbs was reported to be about to begin in Brookdale.
Public Safety, Increased vigilance by residents in locking their cars and reporting suspicious activity to Police was thought to have reduced the number of incidents of car break-ins and thefts in and around Brookdale.
Development in Friendship Heights, Bob Cope updated residents on development in and around Friendship Heights, including plans for the new Rec Center.

Mike Makuch, chair of the Nominating Committee, consisting of himself (Brookdale North), Sarah Jessup (Brookdale South), Diane Tanman (Orchardale), and Hal Wolman (Wohlshire) presented a slate of new officers that did not include a candidate for president. Mike explained that no candidate had been found, but that the nominees for vice president had agreed, if elected, to carry out all the duties of president collectively. The candidates Abner Oakes, vice president for Brookdale South; Marie Moylan, vice president for Brookdale North; Marina Bowsher, vice president for Orchardale; Shaazka Beyerle, vice president for Wohlshire; Larry Broadwell, treasurer; and Peter Sisler, secretary were approved unanimously.

Dues Now Due

Hello Neighbors and Friends. It's time to renew our Brookdale Association membership for the current fiscal year - June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009. For at least 15 years, the dues have remained a modest $20 per household. As usual, this contribution helps pay for community services such as neighborhood gatherings (Halloween, 4th of July), production of the Brookdale Bugle and the community Directory, and -- if necessary -- engagement with developers over plans that could impact all of us and the character of our special neighborhood.

Please use the enclosed envelope to remit payment, or drop it off with the treasurer at 5306 Saratoga Avenue (the house with the tall grass and "Seahorse Friendly" yard sign a few doors from the GEICO end of Saratoga).

Thank you to those who have already submitted this year's payment. If you are not sure whether you owe for this year, please contact the treasurer, Larry Broadwell, by email at bakpacker1<-at->

Officer Bios 2008

Marie Moylan, Vice President for Brookdale North, and her husband, Michael Sullivan, have lived in Brookdale since 1995, initially as renters on Saratoga and then as owners of a formerly GEICO-owned house on Dalton. Marie is Irish by birth, Michael English by birth; both grew up in Canada and came to Washington to work for international organizations. Her professional qualifications and experience are in the field of human resource management. She retired from the World Bank three years ago and is enjoying newfound liberty for cycling and gardening. This is her third year as VP.

Abner Oakes, Vice President for Brookdale South (the other side of River Road), has been in this role before, back when he and his wife, Lolly Jewett, moved to Brookdale in 1995. They live on Dover Court with their 7-year-old son, Charlie. Abner's work is in the field of education and school reform, after a 16-year-long teaching career. He played drums on a track that did not make Elvis Costello's My Aim is True album, his godfather is Carl Yastrzemski, and he and Lolly have a herd of rare miniature buffalo in their backyard, for milk to make their award-winning mozzarella.

Shaazka Beyerle, Vice President of Wohlshire, and her husband moved to our neighborhood in 2001. After years of house-hunting, they had vowed that this would be the last home they'd see, and not lose another weekend trekking through open houses... It turned out to be the ideal one. From the beginning, they could tell that Brookdale is a special place with special people. Shaazka works in the realm of civil society and her husband in international development. They enjoy walking their dog throughout the neighborhood.

Marina Bowsher, Vice President of Orchardale, and her husband, Matt Bowsher, moved into their home on Saratoga Avenue in Spring 2001. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Marina immigrated to America with her family in 1979 and spent the remainder of her childhood in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Marina received her law degree from Northwestern University, where she met Matt, and moved to Washington a year after graduating to work as a litigator at Ballard Spahr Andrews and Ingersoll. Currently, Marina is enjoying some time off from her profession to spend more time with her children: Kent (5 years old) and Zaida (2 years old).

Larry Broadwell, our new Treasurer, has lived in the Orchardale section with his wife, Marsha, since 1993. The Broadwells met as undergraduates at George Washington University. They have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. Now retired, Larry has served as financial officer for the U.S. subsidiary of the Danish Maersk Line shipping interests, for New York's Museum of Modern Art, and for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Now, he leads Sierra Club outings and writes trail guides for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, while Marsha is a heavy-duty volunteer for the National Zoo.

Peter Sisler, Secretary. Peter was born and raised in Ithaca, NY and often misses his beloved Finger Lakes but not the weather. He can claim semi-native Chevy Chase status since his grandfather built and lived in a home on Grove Street. Peter and his wife, Deniz, moved to Merivale Road in 1995. Their son, Lewis (6), is a 1st grader at Westbrook. Peter has worked as a journalist in Washington, Colorado, Europe and the Middle East (Baghdad) for several newspapers and two international wire services. He is the recipient of too much higher education starting at Cornell University and recently finishing a third degree at George Washington University. He's always looking for new tennis partners and players for his USTA teams - anyone local is preferred.

as of May 31, 2008
                                     TOTAL (Fiscal Year 2007-8)
OPENING BALANCE at 6/1/07                      $15,530.43

  Coordinating Committee of Friendship Heights*  4,000.00
  Bugle (newsletter)                               920.13
  Community Directory                          		-
  Park Cleanups, improvements                  		-
  Community Events (July 4, Halloween, etc.)       277.57
  Legal                                        		-
  Meetings (Annual & other)                        125.71
  Yard Sale                                 	    65.33
  Friends of Westbrook                             500.00
  Dues collection, bank fees                        16.27
  Other                                        		-
  Total Expenses                     		$ 5,905.01

  Dues**                              		  2,780.00
  Interest                                          387.15
  Other                                        		-
  TOTAL RECEIPTS                       		  3,167.15
  NET IN (OUT)                       		 (2,737.86)

CLOSING BALANCE at 5/31/08***             	$12,792.57
*Brookdale Executive Committee voted a one-time contribution to assist with consulting costs on traffic management with respect to the Episcopal School project on River Road.
**Annual dues = $20 per household through mid-2008.
***Components of ending balance:
      Checking account $3,526.94
      Premium Money Mkt Acct $3,999.56
      6-month CD maturing 7/19/08 $5,266.07

Prepared by Larry Broadwell with help from and thanks to Suzanne Richman, 2007-8 treasurer on 7/30/08

Independence Day Parade

It was a lovely 4th of July in Brookdale Park and a great parade. Thanks to everyone who helped make it special! [The photographs for this and other articles is in the hard-copy Bugle.]

Huge Crop of Kiddies
- Diane Tanman

Westbrook Elementary School has 79 kindergartners this year making it the biggest kindergarten class in Westbrook history. A fourth kindergarten class has been added to accommodate the growth. The increase in 5-year olds has certainly been noted by many Brookdale neighbors.

Many of the Brookdale kindergartners had the chance to meet each other over the summer, thanks to the efforts of Marina Bowsher, vice-president of Orchardale and mom of Kent, new Westbrook kindergartner. Marina organized a playgroup that met in Brookdale Park to help kindergartners get to know one another before the start of school. The playgroup often included games of duck-duck-goose and kickball and a visit by the ice cream truck!

Home Sales and Prices
- Phyllis Wiesenfelter, with a contribution by Dave Montgomery

The following real estate transactions occurred in Brookdale during the period May through August 2008.

5019 Westport is on the market currently for $1,249,000. It has been on and off the market since October 2007. It sold for $1.3 million in June 2007.

5306 Westport went under contract in 9 days--it was listed on July 25th at $829,000. It is to settle 9/3 with a contract price higher than the list price.

4633 River Road listed at $695,000 on April 4th, was under contract in 25 days, and sold on June 16th, 2008 for $675,000.

4637 River Road, first listed on June 20 at $769,500, is on the market for $739,000. It was relisted and has been on the market 74 days.

4815 River Road was listed on Feb. 23rd for $485,500; the price was reduced to $469,500; it was withdrawn from the market in June after it didn't sell in 194 days.

4501 Dalton Road, listed on July 31st for $1,049,000, got a contract in 6 days. It will settle Sept. 30.

4603 Cooper was listed at $839,900 and sold for $765,000 after 57 days on August 18, 2008.

5210 Western Avenue was listed on April 18, 2008 for sale at $1,185,000. After 73 days for sale, it was listed on June 17th for rent at $4,500 and settled in 10 days for rent on June 29.
Home prices across the country fell 4.8 percent in the second quarter of 2008, compared with the second quarter of 2007 -- a record drop, according to a government report released in August. The report by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) includes sales of existing homes and refinances but not new-home sales or so-called jumbo loans. Previously, the biggest year-over-year drop was 3 percent, in the first quarter of this year. Prices fell 1.4 percent from the first quarter of 2008 to the second, not as bad as the previous quarter's 1.7 percent drop.

In 208 of the 292 metropolitan areas tracked by OFHEO, prices dropped at least somewhat in the second quarter. The metro areas with the biggest price decreases were in California, but areas near Bethesda/Chevy Chase ranked near the bottom, as shown in the following table, along with the nation's best area, in Louisiana.

Metro area Rank 1 qtr(%) 1 year(%) 5 years(%)
Baltimore-Towson, MD 200 -1.42 -2.12 68.83
Bethesda-Frederick-Gaithrsbg, MD 235 -2.96 -5.75 52.64
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WV 232 -1.05 -4.77 62.83
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria 250 -4.37 -9.14 56.44
Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, LA 1 +1.49 +9.06 47.58
Merced, CA 292 -15.92 -34.52 8.57

Natural Disaster
When a terrible storm on Wednesday, June 4 took down a large tree onto River Road at Brookdale Road, the Moore family (Mikel and boys Eric and Carl) helped redirect traffic. [The photograph for this and other articles is in the hard-copy Bugle.]

Brookdale Water Main Infrastructure - Bill McCloskey

A 16-inch water main in Brookdale South, which travels in the former creek bed now paved over by Keokuk Street, burst twice within a month -- on June 16 and then again on July 15. This is an annual event, although there is a different break point each time. It is unusual for two ruptures to take place within weeks. The suspect pipe runs from River Road, past Cooper Lane under an easement, and past Overbrook Road to Dover Road. Again, the Cooper to Overbrook easement and the lawns at 4701 and 4611 Overbrook were flooded, but this time no basements were inundated.

The first geyser erupted June 16, in the neatly landscaped front yard at 4611 Overbrook, where the Keokuk path reaches Overbrook. Complicating repair efforts was the massive up-county water main break the previous weekend, which occupied a huge contingent of the repair crew from the bi-county Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). WSSC is responsible for maintaining this few hundred feet of freshwater pipe, plus more than 10,800 miles of other pipe in Montgomery and Prince George's counties. The Monday night break occurred somewhere around 9:45 p.m., based on when neighbors started to notice low water pressure.

A few years ago, the storm sewer intake at Dover and Keokuk was enlarged and a sluiceway was erected. So, this time most of the water drained into the Little Falls Creek from there. Previous breaks had sent water cascading through a second Dover to Park Road and Montgomery Avenue easement, down another block of Keokuk and directly into the creek, inconveniencing even more people.

WSSC arrived in force after midnight and quickly turned off valves surrounding the leak, restoring water pressure "upstream" of the break. Pipe repairs were completed late Tuesday. After emergency repairs were completed, restoration work filled the massive hole dug by WSSC and topsoil was added.

On July 1, a WSSC street sweeper appeared and swept up huge clouds of dust while trying to remove the mud that accumulated on Overbrook, Keokuk and Dover. The effort gouged the blacktop and cleared some of the mess, but the Overbrook and Keokuk intersection still has a mud/dust bowl in the center.

Monday, July 15, brought another late-night break, at a different spot along the pipe. This time the newly seeded lawn at 4611 Overbrook took the brunt of the spill, but the water didn't run away so easily. Because WSSC had placed bales of hay blocking the sewer intakes, water had to go through another easement to work its way to the creek. Before a neighbor could wade in and lift the sodden bales out of the way, much of the stone path in the easement between Dover and Park was washed out.

WSSC crews had the leak repaired and water restored by 3:30 the following afternoon, and the stone path was restored. Rainstorms the following week washed out much of the topsoil and grass seed WSSC had used to restore the lawns and fill in the curbside gullies washed out by the surge.

A recent Washington Post item quotes Teresa D. Daniel, WSSC's interim general manager, as saying that there is an average of one water-main break in the region per day. Funding disputes between the Montgomery and Prince George's County Councils -- Montgomery wants to raise rates to pay for rehab on the pipes, Prince George's does not -- are preventing a systematic replacement of aging infrastructure.

Good Green News
- Joan Prince

Now Montgomery County residents can do more to recycle and cut back waste for the planet with the latest expansion to the Division of Solid Waste's recycling program.

Remember all of those yogurt containers that you hated throwing away but didn't have any second use for? Now you can place them, lids and all, in your blue bins. You can recycle containers that hold cottage cheese, tofu, cocoa and whipped topping as well as margarine or butter tubs.

So deli tubs and lids as well as those that hold pet food and even kitty litter containers are all included in this recycling expansion. In addition, plastic pails and buckets are accepted. Even plastic beverage stadium cups are included.

What's extra good news is that the Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services (MCDSWS) is now taking plastic flower pots. So all of those pots that were a shame to throw away and couldn't be reused now can go in the blue bins. However, the connected six-pack flower containers are not accepted, so try to avoid buying those.

Along with these additions to the program's pick-up, keep on recycling your plastic bottles with necks that hold juice, water, syrup, vegetable oil, salad dressing, and detergent, etc., as well as milk jugs. The only plastic bottle with necks that can't go in the bins are those that hold motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, and other such materials.

Still not recyclable are the plastic boxes for strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries and the plastic platters and covers that hold cakes. I have stopped buying these products because I have a few of these cake containers that I reuse and can only use so many; so, now I just avoid purchasing them altogether. Since plastic egg containers are not recyclable, try to buy the cardboard ones. The latter can be recycled or even torn up and thrown into your garden's compost pile.

Don't get too bogged down with the numbers under the containers. In general, numbers 1 through 7 are accepted, but berry boxes are a #6 polystyrene that is not recyclable, while a #6 plastic bottle with a neck is accepted. Cake platters and covers are a #1 that is not accepted, but a #1 in the form of a plastic bottle is recyclable. If MCDSWS doesn't take it, there's no point in putting it in your bin, even if the number looks okay.

If you would like more information on the program, call 240-777-6410 or check the website: You can click around on pictures of what is accepted. MCDSWS recommends we rinse our containers since the less contamination there is, the better. You may, however, leave the labels on or plastics rings around the bottle necks.

The website also offers tips on other things you can do to go green such as "grasscycling," composting, and many other helpful ideas to be gentle towards the planet.

Brookdale: An International Community
- Gwen Lewis, with reporting by Campbell Graeub

America is known as a country of immigrants. The Washington area is especially attractive to immigrants, as well as to many foreign visitors. Brookdale, as a neighborhood, is home to people from more than 30 different countries. In fact, a number of residents--individuals and families-- are multi-national. The names of countries of birth we obtained are listed below. If we missed your birth country, please let us know. It was wonderful to hear some of your personal stories and your enthusiasm for sharing this information. Thanks to all who contacted us.

Sri Lanka
South Africa
- England
- Scotland
- Wales
US Territories - Puerto Rico

Wohlfarth Property
Chevy Chase Village has decided to raze the house and garage on the Wohlfarth property, which abuts the Chevy Chase Center on Western Avenue. The space will become an urban park, maintained by the village and the Maryland National-Capital Park and Planning Commission. The Montgomery County Planning Board will review the specific designs proposed for the park as they are developed.


You won't want to miss the 2008 Brookdale Block Party. There will be great music, great food and great neighbors, of course! It's scheduled for Saturday, September 27th, starting at 5pm. Rain date: Sunday, September 28th, same time. Watch for signs and flyers at the park and around the neighborhood for specific location and food assignments. Want to help? Email Regina at reedcrosson<-at-> or Marie at mariemoylan<-at->

Halloween Party

The annual Halloween Party and parade will take place Saturday, October 25, 3:30-5 p.m. in Brookdale Park. Rain date is Sunday, October 26, same time. All are invited to come, in costume if possible. There will be children's games. Halloween treats will be provided. Volunteers are needed. Please call Marina Bowsher at 301- 215-7667.

New Brookdale Directories
A new version of the Brookdale Directory is almost ready, and should be delivered to residents by the end of the year.

Olympians in our Midst

Surely, many of you excitedly watched the Summer Olympics held in China. What you may not know is that at least two Brookdale residents are former Olympic athletes. RBC Leshan (on Sherrill) was on the 1992 Great Britain Olympic swim team in Barcelona. Jesse Zhang (on Cortland until leaving for China last month) managed the Chinese 1992 Olympic kayak and rowing teams in Barcelona and was himself an Olympian in the 1980s.

Brookdale Resident Honored through Lectureships
Two endowed lectures in recognition of Dr. Arnold H. Einhorn (Westport Road), professor emeritus of pediatrics at George Washington Univ. and Georgetown Univ. and chairman emeritus of Pediatric Medicine at Children's National Medical Center, took place in February and March 2008. The annual events, held in Washington and India, were founded and funded by Einhorn's alumni from Children's Hospital and by former trainees from India. Congratulations, Dr. Einhorn!

Little Falls Watershed Alliance
- Suzanne Richman, LFWA president

Little Falls Watershed Alliance is off and running. We are now a non-profit corporation and actively involved in trash abatement, invasive plant removal and storm water issues, as well as development issues. The board members are Dan Dozier, Carol Kennedy Hearle, Amy Wooden, Lynnwood Andrews, Richard Yates, Sara Schneeberg Robinson, and Suzanne Richman. Our website ( is in the early stages. If you have any interest in the environment, including native/non-native plants, Little Falls Branch water and neighborhood cleanliness concerns, and wildlife, we would love to have you join our group.

Currently we have the following scheduled activities:
A LFWA invasive plant removal clinic meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 8-10 a.m. at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Little Falls Parkway. It is open to all volunteers.

Trash Abatement seeks volunteers to commit to picking up trash on a neighborhood thoroughfare and with advocacy. Please contact Richard Yates at

Sarah Morse, of the Storm water Committee, is leading a nature walk on September 14 at 2 p.m.

We welcome all enthusiasts to join us since we have lots of projects to tackle. My email address is suzanne_richman<-at-> if you have questions.

Missed High School Graduate

Sarah Gefen, of River Road, graduated from BCC in June. Congratulations, Sarah! Sorry we missed you in April.

Correction to April 2008 Issue

In commenting on the Shoemaker Family Farmhouse in the "Five Historic Houses" article, I mistakenly reported that the house was expanded in 1954 or '55 during a renovation after a fire. The expansion of three more bedrooms and a sitting room did not occur until 10 years later.

- Peter Sisler


A son, Alexander, was born to Sonia Baldia and Kelly Kiser at 5210 Andover Road in September, 2007.

A new baby for Mark and Paola Luther at 4606 Merivale; Robert Nathan arrived June 16, 2008.


5020 Park Place: Chris and Rebecca Anzidei, and their 21-month-old son, Vincent.

A group of new residents has moved into 5210 Western Ave.: Anna Abrams, Patrick Hughes, Patrick Finnerty, Trevor Harley, and Colin Murphy.

New arrivals at 4606 Harrison St.: Nadira Bayat, who is on assignment with the South African embassy, her husband, Aidan Connolly, and their young children Aisha and Yasmina.

Bruce and Media Tidwell and their son Cody (14 years old) moved into 4503 Cortland Road from Macon, Georgia.


Byron and Mary Morton of 4501 Dalton Road are leaving Brookdale after 20+ years, moving to a nearby apartment building.

Classified Ads

Teens Seek Work

Josie Silva-Lopes, 16, babysitting, dog walking, petcare; babysitting certificate.

Victoria Silva-Lopes, 13, babysitting, dog walking, and petcare.

An old fashioned key attached to a gold pompom was found on a front lawn on Andover. It looks like it might open an antique cabinet of some sort. Please contact 301-951-7153.

The classified section of the Brookdale Bugle is provided as a service to Brookdale residents, who may place ads free of charge. A fee of $15 will be charged for ads placed by non-residents, and all ads are subject to approval by the Brookdale Citizens' Association Executive Committee.

[The list of Block Captains shown in the Bugle is part of this web site.]

The Brookdale Bugle is a publication of the Brookdale Citizens' Association. It comes out three times a year: January, April, and September.

Editor Gwen Lewis
Assistant Editor Deborah Kalb
Hard-copy Layout Steve Langer
Distribution Deborah Kalb

The deadline to submit articles, notices, and ads for the January 2009 issue of the Brookdale Bugle is 9 p.m. December 28.

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