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President's Report


On nearly every corner in Brookdale there is a STOP sign. We see them every day. In fact, STOP signs are so omnipresent, it's hard to even think about them. But as our children and neighbors return to school, there is probably no better time to take a minute to think about STOP signs.

Perhaps I am a bit more sensitive than most to the issue of STOP signs because I live on a corner with a STOP sign firmly anchored into my front lawn.

Perhaps I am a bit more sensitive about whether people actually STOP at the STOP sign nearest to me because my daughter likes to play in the front yard.

Or perhaps, our proximity to busy River Road and Western Avenue, coupled with surrounding development and a good deal of cut-through traffic, makes us all a bit more sensitive to traffic safety issues in our little urban village.

I used to think that most of what I call "STOP sign coasters" were cut-through drivers on their way to "someplace else." But after spending a few mornings, afternoons and evenings standing on a corner, looking out my window or even waiting for the afternoon school bus returning with a load-full of Westbrook students, I have seen the "STOP sign coasters" and they are us.

Spend a few minutes yourself and you'll see what I mean. Sure there are plenty of "other folks" who blow through stop signs in Brookdale. But just wait a few minutes and you'll soon see that many of us are just as guilty of coasting through stop signs as the folks passing through.

It's easy to do. We all have meetings to make and carpools to drive. We are all busy. Indeed, since there is little traffic within Brookdale, it's easy to slow down just enough to crane your neck to the left as you make a right-hand turn without ever coming to a complete STOP.

But as another school year begins, and children return from sandy beaches to the streets of Brookdale, we should all STOP. Someone's life could depend on it.

* * *

We understand from Park & Planning that they are still planning to renovate Brookdale Park this fall, but unfortunately, their staff has been unable to give us a definitive timetable. When they do begin renovations, the playground equipment will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. As soon as we hear something definitive about the Park (or the curb replacements), we'll send out an e-mail to the Brookdale listserv (see


As we head into fall, there are a number of things going on in and around Brookdale. Marie Moylan is organizing a first-ever renovation tour of newly renovated homes in our community on Sunday, September 23rd. On Saturday, October 13th, Campbell Graeub is helping mount a community-wide yard sale. And on Sunday, October 28th, Brookdale will celebrate Halloween in Brookdale Park.

All of these activities help make our neighborhood a great place to live. Please let me know if you are interested in getting involved in any of these efforts or if you have any new traditions you would like to launch for Brookdale.

See you around the neighborhood!

Steve Heyman
President, Brookdale Citizens' Association

Go Green: Respect the Earth and Recycle! by Joan Prince

Most Brookdale residents care about recycling, and it shows at the end of each week when lawn trimmings and blue bins are lined up on all the streets in our community. For those who don't think it matters or don't feel like doing it, give it a try. Know that it does make a difference and it doesn't take a lot of your time.

At Home
We all have soda and water bottles, milk jugs, cleaning product containers, and so forth to recycle, which are perfectly fine to place in your blue bin. Unfortunately, the Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services does not have a contractor at this time that can recycle plastics other than bottles with a neck. That means your yogurt containers, those plastic boxes for take-out salads, and plastic containers for roast chickens, among other such items, are not accepted for recycling right now. Jonathan Louis, an administrative aide at the Division of Solid Waste Services, said they are actively looking for a contractor that can process those plastics. To make sure it's okay to put in the bin, he said: check for the neck. I rinse mine out briefly and throw away the caps per instructions at

The same applies to glass jars. Rinse them out and throw away the lids. Cans are great to recycle; you can also rinse but don't bother crushing them. Aluminum foil sheets are acceptable as well; I rinse mine off and throw them in the bin. The county doesn't want plastic bags in the recycling bins; so if you want to keep your paper products together, place them in a paper bag.

As most of you know, yard trimmings should be placed in big brown paper bags found in grocery and hardware stores or in your own reusable container. Leafgro, which is sold up the road at American Plant and Food, is actually a wonderful example of recycling: it's a product made from the lawn trimmings of county residents by the Maryland Environmental Service. (For more information check: It's cheaper since it local, and it involves less fuel and manpower since it's not coming from several states away. Buying local when you can is a good way to be green (e.g., better to buy local apples than those from Washington State), so buying Leafgro is a good way to keep it local.

If you have other old things to dispose of, Montgomery County may be able to recycle them. For example, old washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, humidifiers, swing sets, aluminum lawn chairs, shower stalls, disassembled metal sheds (whew!), or almost anything else like that you can think of, can be picked up by the county at your place (call 240-777-6410 to arrange a pick- up).

At the Transfer Station
You can also drop other things by the county transfer station (16101 Frederick Road, Derwood, MD 20855; 301-840-2370). It's near the Shady Grove Home Depot and the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Center. So if you are going out that way, take some things to drop off at the center. You'll be amazed at how there is a place for everything: old tires; old clothes, including drapes, towels, shoes, handbags, and belts; computers; and construction material, including doors, drywall, carpeting, cabinets, toilets, bathtubs, and sinks.

Bikes are accepted at the transfer station. Those that can be cleaned and repaired go to Bikes for the World and are then distributed to those in need in this country and in developing countries (

Hazardous materials are also accepted, such as car batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, wall heaters, mercury thermometers, oil, and paints. Cell phones are also collected; however, Mark Leslie, a supervisor at the Frederick Road site, suggested if they still work, they may be donated to a senior center where someone can use them to call 911 for an emergency. If they don't work, the batteries are removed and disposed of safely. Leslie also said books are now collected. Those books in good condition are sorted and those that aren't are recycled. Nonprofit groups collect those in good shape so they can make their way to people who can use them.

Paint can also be dropped off, and there are often remainder paints that residents can come and take. The same is true with mulch. Residents can get mulch for free, but you must pick it up and have a container to transport it in.

The late summer day I stopped by was bustling with county residents dropping off everything from old lawnmowers and exercise equipment to propane tanks and old air conditioning units. The container for textiles was almost full. People of all ages were sorting their plastics and papers in the huge bins. It's refreshing to see so many Montgomery County residents going green.
We here in Brookdale can pitch in and go green for the sake of the planet, our home. For more information, check out!

Know Your Trees

Hey, kids (and parents)! Want to know more about trees? Want to be able to identify trees by yourself?

Come to the Tree ID Class on Sunday, October 21 1-2 pm in Brookdale Park. To sign up, call 301-652-7583. If you are under 8, you need to bring a parent, too. First 20 people who sign up get to come. So don't delay!

Sponsored by the Brookdale Gardening Group. Teachers: Nancy McCloskey and Suzanne Richman.


The Annual Meeting for the Brookdale Community was held on May 22, 2007 at the Westbrook Elementary School gym. Participants discussed local issues, including the Brookdale Playground renovation, Friendship Heights development, and crime. New officers elected to the Brookdale Executive Committee were Abner Oakes, vice president for Brookdale South, and Risa Elias, vice president for Wohlshire. These officers replaced Barbara Ingersoll and Eric Wallgren, who left their respective positions after several years of dedicated service to the community. For a full record of the meeting minutes, please refer to the Brookdale website.

Fiscal year June 1, 2006 to May 31, 2007

 BALANCE AS OF 6/1/06        $13,224.07
 BALANCE AS OF 5/31/07       $15,530.43
 Bugle                                  $866.77
 Parties                                 $64.66
 Misc*                                  $192.51
 Service Charge
 Annual Meeting**                       $123.60
 TOTAL EXPENSES                                    $1,247.54
 Deposits                          $3,490.00
 Interest***                          $63.90
 TOTAL DEPOSITS                                     $3,553.90

*Includes park cleanups, yard sale costs, items to welcome new residents
**Includes costs for all meeting room rentals
***Interest earned on a $5,000 6-month Certificate of Deposit at the National Capital Bank was to be added to the Brookdale account at its maturity on July 19, 2007

We had an uneventful year as far as the Treasury goes. Please see the Annual Treasurer Report for the fiscal year ending 5/31/07. The Executive Committee decided to purchase a 6-month Certificate of Deposit for $5,000. It was purchased on 1/19/07, and has since matured. The Committee decided to renew the Certificate for another 6-month term, maturing on 1/19/08. As of 7/19/07, the amount of the Certificate including interest was $5,079.49.

Please be aware that Association fees of $20 per household are now due for the fiscal year 2007- 2008. You may use the enclosed envelope to remit the payment. Thank you to those who have already submitted this year's payment. If you are not sure whether you owe for this year, please contact me by phone at 301-951-0365 or by email at Suzanne_Richman -at-
--Suzanne Richman


Steve Heyman, President, is a native Washingtonian--born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Bethesda, where he graduated from Walt Whitman High School. An attorney by training, Steve works at Sallie Mae where he manages state and federal government relations. Previously, Steve served in the Clinton Administration at the U.S. Department of Labor and ran Governor Parris Glendening's federal affairs office. He and his wife, Sue Steinman, also an attorney, are the proud parents of Westbrook second grader Madeline. They have lived on Sherrill Ave. since 1997. This is his second year as President. He previously was VP of Orchardale. 654-1468, SHeyman -at-

Marina Bowsher, Vice President of Orchardale, and her husband, Matt Bowsher, moved into their home on Saratoga Avenue in Spring 2001. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Marina immigrated to America with her family in 1979 and spent the remainder of her childhood in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Marina received her law degree from Northwestern University, where she met Matt, and moved to Washington a year after graduating to work as a litigator at Ballard Spahr Andrews and Ingersoll. Currently, Marina is enjoying some time off from her profession to spend more time with her children, Kent (4 1/2 years old) and Zaida (22 months old). 215-7667, Marinabowsher -at-

Risa Elias, Vice President of Wohlshire, and her husband, Kenny, have lived on Westport Road since July 2002. Originally from New Jersey, Risa has lived in the Washington, D.C., area since 1991. Risa is a graduate of the George Washington University and the graduate Public Policy program at Georgetown University. Risa worked as a health policy analyst at the Kaiser Family Foundation for eight years, and currently is enjoying some time off to spend more time with her children, Jake (3 years old) and Alex (18 months old). 907-3320, risaelias -at-

Sarah Jessup, Secretary, grew up partly in Washington and lived here two other times as well. She and her husband, James Bennet, and two sons, Ike (age 5) and Henry (age 3), moved to Dover Road from Jerusalem in 2004. Sarah has a Ph.D. in anthropology of China. 657-5676, jessups -at-

Marie Moylan, Vice President for Brookdale North, and her husband, Michael Sullivan, have lived in Brookdale since 1995, initially as renters on Saratoga and then as owners of a formerly GEICO-owned house on Dalton. Marie is Irish by birth, Michael English by birth; both grew up in Canada and came to Washington to work for international organizations. Her professional qualifications and experience are in the field of human resource management. She is a recent retiree from the World Bank who is enjoying newfound liberty for cycling and gardening. This is her second year as VP. 951-7153, mariemoylan -at-

Abner Oakes, Vice President for Brookdale South (the other side of River Road), has been in this role before, back when he and his wife Lolly Jewett moved to Brookdale in 1995. They live on Dover Court with their six-year-old son Charlie. Abner's work is in the field of education and school reform, after a 16-year-long teaching career. His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate; his favorite beach is Kauai's Anini Beach; and his favorite Saturday morning cartoon was Jonny Quest. 652-8129, aoakes -at-

Suzanne Richman, Treasurer, is a native Bethesdan, growing up in Parkwood and living on Overbrook Road since 1983. Before she and Jerry had their boys, Nick (22) and Thomas (18), she was a paralegal. Along with many volunteering stints over the years, she was Treasurer for Westbrook PTA. She enjoys birdwatching and taking natural history field studies courses. She has a small business in which she assists clients with bookkeeping, and organizing their business and home files. This is her third year as Treasurer. 951-0365, Suzanne_Richman -at-

are listed on this site.

Wisconsin Center Construction Update by Bob Cope

Underground parking at Bloomingdale's--open to public on September 17
Bloomingdale's--open September 27
Retail buildings A and B (located behind Bloomingdale's)--open early 2008
Apartment building--open late 2008 or early 2009
Office building--open late 2008 or early 2009
Recreation center--open late 2008

KUDOS to alert neighbors by Campbell Graeub

Many thanks are extended to Mikel Moore and Maureen McRaith for notifying the Park authorities about the dangers of a dead tree located on Dalton Road, exactly where the Westbrook School bus stops. The dead tree was unquestionably a potential hazard for the many children and parents who gather there daily. The two alert neighbors, who spotted this danger and acted by calling the Park Department, deserve our thanks and praise. This is precisely the kind of neighborly interest that all of us should learn from -- to stay alert and take action. It should not go without saying that the Park employees acted promptly and are to be commended.
Where a hazard can be demonstrated, Park people will respond quickly, in this case, two days. In the end, the arborist determined that two trees, a sycamore and a tulip, had to be removed.

The Brookdale Fourth of July Parade by Laura Jeliazkov

On a pleasant Wednesday, in the month of July, there was a parade in the neighborhood of Brookdale. What was the parade for? Why, the Fourth of July, of course! It happens every year. Montgomery County Fire and Rescue sends out about five firemen and a fire truck to Brookdale and they lead a parade of people in a circle around the neighborhood. Everyone is so excited! The radio that someone is carrying around is blasting music, the fire truck has its sirens whirring --- in other words, it is so loud it waking up late sleepers. They stumble out their front doors in pajamas looking groggy to see what all the commotion is about.

It turns out the Independence Day celebration in Brookdale is not so easy to arrange. Steve Heyman and his daughter, Madeline, were on Dalton Road, across from the playground, early, setting up all the refreshments for the party that follows the parade. There were lots of yummy foods that people had brought and tons of drinks. Steve and Madeline have been coming to this Brookdale event for about five years; they agreed that their favorite part was the parade. Nick Garner, one of the firefighters who came to lead the parade, said that it was his first time doing so. He enjoyed it a lot even the challenging task of trying to keep the smaller children away from the front of the fire truck during the parade. Ana Maria Delgado has been coming to the Brookdale Fourth of July celebration for six years since its initiation. This year, Gerald and Anne Geiger attended the event, as they have Brookdale events for the past 36 years! Gerald is a veteran of World War II and Anne was a social studies teacher for over 30 years. "Our favorite part of the party is the wonderful people with whom we can talk on this wonderful day in this great weather," they said. Also at the party were millions of kids. Matt Molot, who is almost 4 1/2, and Erica Molot, who is 2, both enjoyed the party very much. Matt's favorite part was the candy that was handed out during the parade. Erica loved the fire truck. It was indeed a great day for a party. The 2007 Brookdale Fourth of July celebration was truly amazing.

Laura, 11, is a 6th grader at Westland Middle School.

Brookdale Directory update:
If you are new to the neighborhood, if there are any changes you like made to your entry in the current directory, or if you would like your e-mail address included in the new directory, please submit that information to Sarah Jessup, at shjessup -at-, by December 1. Thanks.

School Kid Census by Gwen Lewis

How many children are there in Brookdale? That is the question I've been asking myself. Having borrowed three public school directories (with difficulty) in August, I established that last year there were 117 Brookdale kids enrolled in the three local public schools, with 70 at Westbrook Elementary, 25 at Westland Middle, and 22 at B-CC. Undoubtedly, I missed a few attending other public and private schools. Here is the breakdown by grade last year.
 Grade   # in 2006-7
 K      10
 1      15
 2       8
 3      20
 4       8
 5       9
 6       5
 7      12
 8       8
 9       4
 10      7
 11      5
 12      6
What's your guess as to the additional private/other public school enrollments? How many pre-K children are there? More or less than the K-3 crowd?

Since Brookdale has 366 houses now, that makes an average of less than 30 percent of the homes having a school-aged child. And, of course, where there is one, there may be more. About 14 years ago Brookdale homes started to open up to new ownership. This means that more younger families have had the opportunity to move in over time. Hence, we have somewhat larger cohorts of children at the younger ages.

Brookdale Home Sales Second Quarter 2007*

Prior event:
5305 Saratoga Av. transferred ownership on 3/30

Old Listings:
5200 Western Av. sold 5/9 for $795,000
4816 Park Av. sold 5/17 for $1.01 million
4712 Dover Rd. sold 5/22 for $869,000
4723 River Rd. sold 5.22 for $639,000
4801 Dover Ct. sold 6/6 for $1.306 million
5328 Sherrill Av. sold 6/18 for $750,000
4514 Cortland Rd. sold 6/29 for $955,000
5019 Westport Rd., listed on 3/14/07 for $1,479,000, sold 8/13 for $1.3 million.

*Information taken from MD tax records, which can be accessed through the Brookdale website.

A Pumpkin Grows in Brookdale by Campbell Graeub

In the front yard at 5300 Sherrill Avenue a pumpkin has been growing to world-class size. This spring Madeline Heyman planted two seeds in a sunny spot near the curb. Every week if not daily, checks were made on the growth of the plant. Since the fruit set, through watering, gently coddling, and loving care, the pumpkin has grown quickly. If it reaches full maturity, it is guaranteed to be the feature attraction at the Brookdale Halloween party. Let's hope it gets to that stage, because neighborhood squires are already licking their chops to get to the seeds.

While the Sherrill Ave experiment might be a fluke, there are several victory gardens in Brookdale. From all accounts, neighbors report the biggest difficulty of having a vegetable garden is finding a sunny spot.

Perhaps the most successful vegetable plot is on Cortland at the corner of Andover, where tomatoes, Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, squash and many other vegetables are grown annually.

At the risk of missing some, here is a sample of where other vegetables are grown. 5110 Westport: string beans; 4705 Merivale: lettuce and beans; 5202 Westport Road: tomatoes and cucumbers; 5211 Andover: tomatoes; 5310 Baltimore: tomatoes and squash. With increased interest in buying vegetables grown near home, and not those shipped from all over the world, there is a good chance of rekindling in Brookdale the victory gardens so common during World War II.

Veterans Assist Wounded Iraqi War Soldiers

Brookdale World War II veteran Marshall Miller has been visiting injured soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital, along with his colleagues. This visitation program is part of veterans' efforts to help ease the situations of these young people by talking and sharing experiences. The extras listed below help in building their morale.

If you would like to participate by contributing a gift, Marshall would be happy to convey it on his next trip. You may drop gifts by 5212 Western Ave. The hospital has provided the following Patient Wish List that will give you an idea of what might be most appreciated.

Weight-lifting Gloves (for wheelchair-bound patients)
Electric Razors
New Squishy Pillow
Stamps, Stationary, & Envelopes
Carry-on Luggage (any size, preferably solid black & on wheels)
DVD (use discretion, action to comedy)
Portable DVD Players
Business Card Organizers
Breakaway Pants (snaps along the leg)
Phone Cards
Flannel PJ ( Male and Female sizes S, M, L, & X-L)
Hats, Gloves, & Scarves (Male & Female)
All Black Back-Packs (either single-strap for amputees or regular double-straps)
Zippered Hooded Sweatshirt Jackets (M, L, X-L)
Prepaid Food Cards
Prepaid Gift Cards

Congratulations to Another 2007 High School Graduate
Emma Evans graduated in June from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School,
where she participated in equitation and choral activities.


Carla Bes - attends University of Maryland, College Park.
Emma Evans - attends Mount St. Mary University in Emmitsburg, MD, where she majors in biology and continues in equitation.
Lauren Godles - studying in Israel for a year; will attend Tufts University in 2008-09.
Rose Holmes- attends Drew University.
Alex Kovach - in January will attend Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Eric Pathe- attends Villanova University.
Martin Wiegand - attends the University of Pennsylvania.

Transitions - September 2007

David, Laura, and son Andrew O'Connell, 5210 Saratoga, welcomed son Caden in August.

4801 Dover Court is home to new residents Henry Farrell, Nicole Erb, and son Jack (age 18 months).

New to 4712 Dover Rd. are Lori Jacobson and Cal MacWilliam and their children, Keenan (age 18) and Leigham (age 17).

Shamsher Singh and Carol Mitchell, with their two children, Karan and Anna, are returning to their home at 4603 Harrison this month after a two-year assignment in Brazil with the World Bank.

Moving into 5006 Dalton Road are Christophe and Edilene de Gouvello and their two children, Ian (age 11) and Anouk (age 5). The de Gouvellos are also a World Bank family.

Dorinda Evans and her daughter Tamsen (age 14) moved to 4514 Cortland Road in July from Atlanta. Dorinda is an art historian who will work at the Smithsonian Institution.

Michael Barstis and Celeste Walker, of 5200 Western Ave., have recently moved to Brookdale from Georgetown.

Fred and Joan Pittman are new residents at 4601 Merivale.

Duncan Stewart and Emily Cordas moved to 5328 Sherrill Ave. this summer.

A belated welcome to John and Michelle Bradbury and daughter Tori, who moved last summer to 5305 Sherrill Ave.

David and Laura O'Connell moved to 5210 Saratoga Avenue this summer with their 23-month old son, Andrew. David grew up in the area and met Laura when she was here in 1999 on an internship.

Marie Ange Verganzones and Aristomene Varoudakis and their daughter, Magdalena, of 5006 Dalton Road, left in August for a 3-year assignment in Armenia with the World Bank.

Vera Hudson, 5211 Andover Rd, died on June 20, 2007 at the age of 70. She is survived by her husband Michael Hudson and daughters Leila, in Arizona, and Aida, in Denmark. Vera worked as a biologist and information specialist at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the National Library of Medicine from 1975 until her death. She is remembered by her neighbors as a delighted grandmother, an accomplished chef, and a warm and welcoming hostess. The Hudsons have been in Brookdale for 36 years. Mike Hudson would like to thank his neighbors for their wonderful help and support during the very difficult six months between Vera's diagnosis and her death. Marie Moylan

Diana Lawry of 4808 Park Avenue died on June 17 after a long struggle with cancer. A specialist in the field of aging, she worked at the U.S. Administration on Aging. She is survived by her father, William Lawry, Sr., who lives in Springfield, and by her son, Will Davenport, who attends the Harbor School in Baltimore. Janice Lipscomb, a close family friend, has re-located here from Iowa with her son Sterling to care for Will. Barbara Ingersoll


Teens Seek Work
Emily Carson,17, babysitting and dog walking
Harriet Carson, 15, babysitting and dog walking
Tamsen Evans, 14, pet care and sitting, dog walking, and babysitting.
Annika Glennon, 14, pet walking, yard work and babysitting.
Ian Glennon, 16, does pet walking, lawn mowing, yard work.
Michaela Olson, 14, babysitting, dog walking, cat feeding and similar activities
Ana Julia Parks, 13, experienced babysitter.
Katherine Potocka, 14, certified babysitter. Will also cat-sit in her home.
Margot Sanne, 14, experienced and reliable, babysitting and pet care.
Josie Silva-Lopez, 15, babysitting and pet care; babysitting certificate.

Child Care Offered
Baku's Child Care (and after school care) in a beautiful, large, single-family home located at 5019 Westport Road. cell: 301/996-1555 or 301/437-8080; home: 301/657-9329.

Drum Lessons Available
Alex Kovach offers drum lessons (all ages to adults). He has nine years experience, graduated as Captain of the Drum Line at BCC, and taught at East Coast Music Productions. $25/half-hour. 301-512-9246 or bikertrash89 -at-

The classified section of the Brookdale Bugle is provided as a service to Brookdale residents, who may place ads free of charge. A fee of $15 will be charged for ads placed by non-residents, and all ads are subject to approval by the Brookdale Citizens' Association Executive Committee.

The deadline to submit articles, notices and ads for the January 2008 issue of the Brookdale Bugle is 9 p.m. December 28.


BROOKDALE HOUSE RENOVATION TOUR - September 23 -- Marie Moylan

Ever wondered how the renovation down the street from you turned out?
There have been many interesting renovations in Brookdale over the past two or three years. Most of us are very curious to know what neighbors have done and how their ideas took shape (especially on some of the common house models), what they learned, who the good contractors are, etc.

So the Brookdale Citizens Association is holding a PROGRESSIVE RENO TOUR of several houses whose owners will share their renovation experience with interested neighbors. The tour is planned for Sunday, September 23, at 2p.m. More detailed information will be posted on the listserv before the date.

Those interested in participating are invited to sign up at 4503 Dalton Road between 2 and 2:30 on Sunday, September 23. All Brookdale residents welcome.


Neighborhood New Parents Playgroup: Young children and their parents or caregivers have been gathering each Wednesday afternoon between 3:30 and 5:30 at Brookdale Park, weather permitting. Contact Marina Bowsher, 301-215-7667 or marinabowsher -at-


Brookdale Multi-Family Yard Sale
Saturday, October 13th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We will place an ad in the newspaper, as well as put up signs, so it will be a great time to clean out your basement and sell off your unused things.


The annual Halloween party will take place Saturday, October 27, 1-3 p.m. in Brookdale Park. Rain date is Sunday, October 28, same time.

All are invited to come, in costume if possible. There will be children's games. Bring a picnic lunch if you like. Desserts and Halloween treats will be provided.

Volunteers are needed. Please call Steve Heyman, 301-654-1468.

Reminder of Neighborly Behavior
A neighbor plea came in: "Would you ask people to please not park on the front lawns? It does not look good for the neighborhood."
Not only does parking on the lawn look bad and inconsistent with the image most of us want for our community, but -- if it leads to ruts in the yard -- such parking is against County Code. Now that we have parking permits available in Brookdale, there is no excuse for regular parking on the lawn.

The Brookdale Bugle is a publication of the Brookdale Citizens' Association.
        Bugle Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gwen Lewis
        Assistant Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Deborah Kalb
        (Hard copy) Layout . . . . . . . Steve Langer

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