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Brookdale Citizensí Association Annual Meeting
Tuesday, May 22, 2007, 7:30 pm (sharp)
Westbrook Elementary School, Multipurpose Room (back door)
5110 Allan Terrace, Bethesda
    Creating a Neighborhood Watch in Brookdale
    Development Update


As we head towards a presidential election year, observers and pundits are already looking at polls and fundraising totals to see who is "up" and who is "down." While we have no such "scientific" measures to gauge the mood of Brookdalers (or are we Brookdalians?), you can tell a lot about what's "hot" in Brookdale by what people post on the Listserv and how many people show up to a meeting hosted by the Brookdale Citizens' Association. Using those two leading indicators it is clear that last year's rash of crime in and around Brookdale is a source of major concern in our community. In addition to the dozens of emails that appeared on the Brookdale and Westbrookhood listservs, nearly 70 neighbors came to the Westbrook cafeteria in late February to meet with representatives of the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) about this important issue. Clearly, what to do about crime in and around Brookdale is on many people's minds. If you missed the meeting, Sarah Jessup, Secretary of the Brookdale Citizens' Association, has written a summary of the meeting found here.

Most of us went to the meeting with the same question what can we do to keep Brookdale safe? For me, the biggest take away is that each of us is clearly the first line of defense in addressing this challenge. That is not to take anything away from the hard work of the County's Police force. It is, however, critical to understand that given the size of the Bethesda Police District (2nd District in Police parlance), the patrol officers cannot be everywhere at once. They literally depend on us to be their eyes and ears. So, what can WE do? First, we need to continue to do what we've been doing watching what goes on in Brookdale, burning up the Listservs and phone lines to share information about what is happening in our community. If you are not already on the Brookdale Listserv, I encourage you to do so. It is the fastest way to find out what is happening in and around Brookdale. See page 8 to sign up. Second, since the Police are clearly call-driven, if you see anything suspicious call them. If it's an emergency, call 911, but if something simply seems odd or out of place, call 301-279-8000. District Commander Wayne Jerman made it clear they want and need to hear from us. Third, as Community Policing Officer Denise Gill pointed out, our regular communications are the foundation of a good "Neighborhood Watch" program. Nearly everyone at the February meeting supported the idea of formalizing a "Neighborhood Watch" program in Brookdale. The Executive Committee will be tackling that issue in the coming weeks. A "Neighborhood Watch" program only works if neighbors pitch in to make it work. Simply put, to move forward with a "Neighborhood Watch" program, we all need to participate. If you are interested in joining the "Neighborhood Watch" committee we're launching, please call me at (301) 654-1468. We will talk more about this at the upcoming annual meeting in May. Finally, as the number of people who live, work, and visit Friendship Heights continues to grow, we need to make sure that our local elected officials provide additional police resources to meet the rising tide of people in and around our community. If you have ideas on what we can do about crime in and around Brookdale, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Executive Committee.
It's hard to believe that we're nearing the end of another school year and the end of my term as President of the Brookdale Citizens' Association. On behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to thank you for the chance to help keep Brookdale a great place to live. On May 22nd, we will gather again at Westbrook for our annual meeting. I hope you can be there. Since this is the last Bugle until fall, I want to thank two outgoing Executive Committee members, Barbara Ingersoll, Vice President for Brookdale South and Eric Wallgren, Vice President for Wohlshire, for their service to our neighborhood. Barbara has been on the Executive Committee for five years and Eric for two. We are grateful for their time, energy, and ideas. Thanking them also reminds me that if you are interested in serving in any capacity in the Brookdale Citizens' Association, now is the time to "raise your hand."

Mike Makuch has graciously volunteered to Chair the Nominating Committee to identify and select new officers for 2007-08. So, call Mike at (301) 718-9134. With any luck, I'll see many of you in the new and improved Brookdale Park later this summer. Until then, enjoy spring!
- Steve Heyman

P.S. Watch the Brookdale Website and Listserv for the latest on new equipment for Brookdale Park. We'll let you know when construction will begin, how long it will take, etc.

County Abandonment of Roads - Bill McCloskey
Throughout Montgomery County there are small plots of land that although they technically belong to homeowners on either side are dedicated to public use. For example, homeowners technically "own" out to the middle of the road in front of their home. Obviously, the roadway is in public use. Owners, however, can petition the county to take possession of other rights of way that, while dedicated to public use, are not being used. Several paths between homes in the Brookdale neighborhood can and have met that standard and owners have successfully petitioned the county to "abandon" the properties under Section 49 (61 & 62) of the County Code of 2004 as amended. About 15 times a year, someone in the county, sometimes with the help of a lawyer, files a petition for abandonment and it goes to Mike Cassedy, a former Westbrook Elementary School student who is now a real estate specialist for the county government. The filing fee is $2,500. Once the county abandons the right of way, the adjoining owners refile their plat and take possession of the property and responsibility for its maintenance including paying taxes. The new owners must also hire a licensed Maryland surveyor to prepare and file a minor resubdivision plat with the county. Although handling abandonments is only a tiny part of his job description, Cassedy makes sure that all of the people and organizations that might be affected by the abandonment are contacted to have their views considered. Signs are posted at the right of way, ads are placed and notices sent. The telephone, gas, water electric and cable TV companies that might have permission to use the right of way are consulted as well as other nearby property owners, government agencies and civic associations. The County Council votes on the abandonments following what is usually a 10 20 minute hearing. The standard for approval is that the property isn't in current use and isn't to be in public use in the foreseeable future. Almost all approvals come with conditions attached. In a recent case involving an unpaved pathway connecting two paved portions of Keokuk St. in Brookdale, the abandonment was granted, but only after the adjoining property owners agreed to leave a path through the property available for dog walking and other pedestrian use. There is also a fence height restriction and an agreement that the fence will only be made of wood. In the Keokuk case, the residents wanted to use the property to build a garage on one side and erect a swing set on the other. But, often, Cassedy explained to The Bugle, an owner just wants to be able to clean up an eyesore property. Without paying a fee a resident can get a permit to clean up a property, plant flowers and bushes on it and maintain it. According to Cassedy there are no pending abandonment cases in Brookdale.

DC Intersection at River, Fessenden, and 45th Sts. - Gwen Lewis
For more than two years the District of Columbia has had a temporary barrier erected along River Road at its intersection with 45th St., NW and Fessenden St. The barrier effectively prevents all traffic from making a left turn at this intersection and additionally restricts traffic on Fessenden or 45th Sts. from crossing River Rd. In spite of the fact that this situation was to be solved over the past summer, no visible work has taken place. The new ANC representative, Talia Primor, reports that new representatives for the DC Dept. of Transportation (DDOT) are at work on this. The expected solution to be implemented "shortly" is a permanent "channelized" median barrier with a left turn signal. A major component of the big picture is the need for a traffic light at the intersection of River and Wisconsin. The installation of such a light is still languishing.

Update on Development - Bob Cope
If you stand on the sidewalk on Friendship Boulevard and look across to the left side of the new Bloomingdale's, you will see two concrete platforms. Shortly, New England Development Co. will begin constructing a 24,000 sq. ft. recreation center on these platforms. These two platforms symbolize a lot of hard work for those who have actively lobbied for a recreation center in Friendship Heights. When the sector plan process began in 1994, the local communities soon found themselves fighting an uphill battle against initial proposals that included, for example, placing two large department stores on the Hecht's site, along with an additional 200,000 sq. ft. of miscellaneous retail establishments, and a hotel. In order to counteract the initial proposals the Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights (CCCFH) hired a local planner by the name of John Westbrook. Interestingly, the mix of residential, office, and retail which is now being built at Friendship Heights on the Hecht's site is within 10% of the numbers proposed by John Westbrook. Westbrook believed that a second retail department store would place too much of a burden on the existing roads, and he was concerned that there would be no let-up in traffic during the weekends. For these reasons he added a residential component to his proposal. After numerous meetings with representatives from the surrounding communities John Westbrook then asked the question: "Now that we have decided what the developer should get, what do you all want for the surrounding community?" It was at this point that a recreation center, the same size as Leland Recreation Center in Bethesda, was added to John Westbrook's proposal. The specific language used by John Westbrook in his proposal is as follows: "A 'Leland Center type' community center of at least 24,000 sq. ft." The doors to John's recreation center will open in December, 2008. The first floor of the recreation center will include a meeting and party room (large parties can be held on both floors), full kitchen, and dock entrance in the rear providing access to the facility for caterers and exhibiters. The second floor includes a 6500 sq. ft. gymnasium with bleachers (the same size as the gymnasium at Leland Recreation Center), a small 400 sq. ft. conference room, a 1600 sq. ft. activity room, a 1500 sq. ft. exercise room, an indoor playground, a 700 sq. ft. lobby, offices for staff, a 500 sq. ft. storage room, and locker rooms for men and women (the women's locker is 50% larger than the men's locker room). Overall, the facility will be the same size as Leland Recreation Center. Many in the community have lobbied County officials to have the Department of Recreation run the facility. With construction of the facility now on the horizon we have increased those lobbying efforts. Most recently various County officials have assured us the Department of Recreation will indeed run the facility. Construction costs have dramatically increased over the last few years. New England Development says it will pay its contractor over $6 million dollars to build the facility.
Convenient Access to the Giant at Chevy Chase Center
Neighbors have raised concerns that the new Giant at Chevy Chase Center is a fortress with no convenient access for the pedestrian. So if you are walking to the Giant, try a more direct route. Next to Montgomery Liquor is an entrance into the parking garage. The entrance includes a pedestrian walkway with iron railing to protect pedestrians from cars. Just walk down the pedestrian entrance; to your right you will find an elevator that will take you up to the Giant. You can return the same way. Note that some of the stores on Wisconsin Circle, including Montgomery Liquor, have a rear entrance which is accessible from the first level of parking.
Previously, many landowners within the Westbard sector plan area indicated interest in building 8-story apartment buildings. Recently some developers have upped the ante by suggesting building two 8-story apartment buildings, one on top of the other (yes, 8+8=16 story apartment building). The County is scheduled to begin its formal study of Westbard in the fall of 2007.

Trees - Gwen Lewis
With the aging of Brookdale's original trees, we must plant new trees to keep our streets shady and our houses naturally cooler in summer. Over the past eight years many residents have taken advantage of the County's Street Tree program to enhance the neighborhood. You too can have a tree in your front yard for free. Using Brookdale's website you will find information on the program under links to "local resources." If you want assistance in requesting a street tree from the county, call me 301-215-9224. We may be in time to be considered for fall planting.

Brookdale Public Safety Meeting - Sarah Jessup
Spurred by a rash of car breakins, car thefts, and home breakins in and around Brookdale over the past year, the Brookdale Citizens' Association (BCA) organized a meeting for Brookdale and neighboring communities with the Montgomery County Police Dept. February 26th at Westbrook Elementary School. Nearly 70 members of our community heard from Bethesda District Commander Wayne Jerman, Detective Denise Gill (the Second District's Community Policing Officer) and Officer Dave Cary (whose patrol area includes Brookdale).
Following up on analysis by BCA, the police confirmed an increase in incidents in and around Brookdale over the past year and offered suggestions about how we can increase safety and protect our property. Detective Gill noted a "modest uptick" in incidents in our community over the past year, from 17 in 2005 to 55 in 2006. The most common were car breakins. The police believe that most were crimes of opportunity, and probably not associated with Brookdale's proximity to the Metro. Two arrests seem to have reduced the rash of car vandalism and thefts in recent months. First, two adults were arrested for car theft and breaking into cars in July 2006. In November 2006 two juveniles were charged with auto theft. The police are cautiously optimistic about car incidents because almost no incidents have occurred since these arrests. It is important to note that two of those arrested lived within walking distance of Brookdale.
For policing purposes, our community lies in Sector 1, which extends from Bradley Blvd. to Western Ave. along Wisconsin, down Western past MacArthur to the river and up MacArthur to the Beltway. Because there are relatively few incidents in our district, usually only two patrol officers are assigned to it. The police are clearly cognizant, however, that as additional development comes to Chevy Chase, there is an increasing need for police presence.
Police service is based on the volume of calls. (So the more you call in suspicious behavior the more often you have a police presence in your neighborhood). Police patrol Brookdale and surrounding communities in three shifts: 6 am 4 pm; 3 pm 1 am; and 8:30 pm 6 am. If you call 911, a patrol car will come, usually within ten minutes. If you call the nonemergency number 301-279- 8000, a car will respond, although the call will not be given top priority.

What Can You Do? While it is difficult to distinguish between someone walking around from someone casing the neighborhood for a future robbery, the officers encourage you to call them if you are concerned. Another important measure is communicating with neighbors. This is an important function of the listserv, and a good reason to join it if haven't already. Talking to neighbors one on one, outside is good too, in that it also provides a resident presence. One problem in patrolling Brookdale is that it is difficult to spot people. The vegetation is dense and the area is fairly hilly. Officers suggested several strategies to enhance security in and around Brookdale. If you are interested, the Montgomery County police will come to your house to perform a "security survey" to reveal how to better protect it against a break in. To arrange, call Officer Matthis at 301 657-0119. You can never be totally assured that you will not be robbed, or if robbed, that you will recover your belongings. Many people who are crime victims are not sure of all of the things taken. As a precaution, Detective Gill recommended that the most important belongings, including heirlooms, old photographs, and passports, be secured in a safe deposit box.

Neighborhood Watch The Police suggested that Brookdale could organize a "Neighborhood Watch" program, "one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear." In addition to reducing robberies, such a program helps bond the community together to reduce "the isolation that crime both creates and feeds upon." Nearly everyone in attendance expressed support for this concept, and BCA is now exploring how to make this initiative a reality. The good news is that Brookdale already has the beginnings of a "Neighborhood Watch" program with the regular email communications via our listserv. In order to take a "Neighborhood Watch" program to the next level, we need participants across the community. If you are interested in joining a committee to implement "Neighborhood Watch" in Brookdale, contact Steve Heyman at 301 654-1468 or Finally, contacts for the Montgomery County Police Department are
Nonemergency number: 301 279-8000.

Great Expectations - Moving into Middle School: What Fifth Graders Think - Naomi Langer and Hanna Olters, Middle School.
Some fifth graders look forward to it, others dread it. We interviewed some fifth graders on their views of middle school. We asked them what they would look forward to and what they would miss in the upcoming school year. Here are the results of our questions.
What we will miss: What we are looking forward to:
Recess A chance to meet new friends
Having only a few teachers Rotating classes
A small school Lockers
Knowing everybody More after school activities
Seeing the teachers we know More clubs
Not many classes Gym every day
Not much homework More teachers
Easygoing teachers Good cafeteria food
Class parties
Middle school will be a new challenge, and it will put butterflies in EVERYONE'S stomach. We're going to be the little kids all over again.

Leaving Westland - Sarah Hainbach and Katie Webster
It seems like just yesterday when we walked into Westland for the first time as nervous little sixth graders. We were worried that middle school couldn't possibly be as fun as Westbrook, that the teachers would be mean and the classes would be hard. Westland seemed so huge, but now we have memorized every staircase and room number. We have amazing memories of teachers and the friends we have made. Now we are leaving to go to B-CC after three great years. In sixth grade, we had the time of our lives at the Smith Center during Outdoor Ed. We got to know our classmates better, and we learned many things on hikes through the woods. Teachers like Ms. Colby, Mr. Obstgarten and Mr. Warthen were very encouraging during our first year. In seventh grade we made new friends from Chevy Chase and North Chevy Chase and got to show them around the school which made us feel like we had been there forever. At the end of the year, in the rain and cold the entire grade went swimming led by Mr. Camp and Mr. Ritter. We enjoyed the big pool and the slides despite the horrible weather. Also, we had great teachers in seventh grade like Ms. Stevens and Ms. Seidler. Even though they could be strict at times, we learned so much and had a great time in their English classes. We have not completed our eighth grade year yet, but it has been a blast so far. Just recently Ms. Coleman and Ms. Crough took us bowling at Strike Bethesda. It was a great break from the MSAs (Maryland School Assessments). We are looking forward to touring Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, and graduating from Westland. We'll miss all our teachers, but most of our friends are attending B-CC with us, and we will always remember our fantastic experiences from middle school! We are scared that we'll get lost in enormous B-CC, but are sure that we'll know our way around by end of the first week!

Brookdale Celebrates 2007 High School Graduates - Nancy Wiegand

Brookdale is proud to announce the 2007 high school graduates.
Georgetown Day School: Rose Holmes
Bethesda Chevy Chase: Alex Kovach, Lauren Godles, Eric Pathe, Carla Bes, Martin Wiegand
Alex is involved in the fabulous drum corp at BCC. Eric is a defender on the BCC lacrosse team. Lauren is active in drama and cross country at BCC. She is an avid runner. Carla is an intern at NIH as well as an active member of the BCC community. Martin is a member of the BCC soccer team and an attackman on the BCC lacrosse team.
All of the graduates attended Westbrook Elementary. They have worked hard during their high school careers and have participated in many school activities.
Congratulations and best wishes to all of the graduates!!!!!!

Brookdale Home Sales First Quarter 2007 - Gaye Gunes

New activity since last report:
4816 Park Ave., listed on 1/26/07 for $ 1,075,000, was reduced to $ 1,035,000 and went under contract in 41 days.
4723 River Road, listed on 3/3/07 for $ 639,000, went under contract in 5 days.
5019 Westport Rd., listed on 3/14/07 for $1,479,000, was still active as of 3/31/07.
5200 Western Ave., listed on 3/22/07 for $749,000, went under contract in 7 days.
4712 Dover Rd., listed on 3/23/07 for $ 879,000, went under contact in 6 days.
Old listings:
4703 Overbrook, listed 9/5/06 for $1,835,000, was withdrawn from the market after 257 days.
The following is the home sales activity for the last quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 for Brookdale:
4th quarter 2006 List Price (in $000) Closed Price (in $000) Days on Market
Minimum 699 660 8
Maximum 950 935 36
Average 824 797 22
1st quarter 2007 List Price (in $000) Days on Market
Minimum 639 5
Maximum 1479 41
Average 956 16
The market is experiencing more activity in Chevy Chase and Bethesda areas. (Zip codes 20815-20816). Buyers are still in control, but sellers who priced their properties realistically attracted ready and willing buyers. In the zip codes 20815 and 20816, (including condos and coops), there were 181 listings in the last quarter of 2006. The minimum and maximum prices were $200,000 and $4,650,000. The average days on the market was 62. During the first quarter of 2007, 199 properties were listed of which 89 are still active. The minimum list price was $197,000 and maximum list price was $6,500,000. The average number of days on the market was 22. As we see, Chevy Chase and Bethesda are still a much 'sought after community' due to the closeness to Washington, DC, great schools and neighborhoods. If the pricing is right, the market is expected to pick up during the course of the year.

Gaye Gunes is a resident of Brookdale and a real estate agent who provides this information as a service to Brookdale.

Conservation District - Where Are We? - Gwen Lewis
Over a year ago Brookdale was discussing a number of initiatives to protect itself from mansionization. One of these efforts resulted in a most interesting report by the Historic Preservation Section of the Montgomery County Dept. of Planning, MNCPPC in August 2006. "Teardown/Mansionization Bulletin: Protecting Older Neighborhoods with Newer Tools" is must reading for those concerned about this topic. The tools suggested for dealing with the issue are traditional historic districts, overlay zones, architectural covenants, legislative initiatives, neighborhood conservation districts, and improving builder/resident communication. To get a copy of this report, simply call 301-563-3400.

Ever wondered how the renovation down the street from you turned out? There have been many interesting renovations in Brookdale over the past 2 or 3 years. Most of us are very curious to know what neighbors have done and how their ideas took shape (especially on some of the common house models), what they learned, who the good contractors are, etc. So, the Brookdale Citizens' Association is organizing a PROGRESSIVE RENO TOUR in June of houses whose owners are willing to share their renovation experience with interested neighbors. A few renovators have expressed an interest in participating and hopefully there will be others. The idea is to try such a tour in the area of Brookdale north (and east) of River Road this year and to expand it next summer. The tour will be held on Sunday, June 10. It will be "progressive" to allow participating homeowners to see others' projects. It will NOT be a "better homes and gardens" tour; so no need to buy new curtains!! Please contact me at 301 951-7153 or if you have renovated recently and are willing to share your experience and show your home. As we get closer to the date, additional details will be posted on the Brookdale website and sent via our listserv.

Night-Blooming Cereus - Fiona Carson
5330 Saratoga Road will soon be a favorite place to pass by on an evening stroll once all danger of frost is past and Werner Linder puts out his Night Blooming Cereus plants in the front yard for all to enjoy. They are currently residing unobtrusively in Werner's greenhouse, tall and spindly with long fleshy green leaves. From May through September, however, they produce gorgeous large white showy flowers, six inches in diameter or more, about twenty or thirty per plant. The blooms grow from the leaves and emit a strong sweet smell. The Cereus grows freely in Florida and reach fifteen or twenty feet in height. The climbing species can often be seen growing up and around their close relative, the palm tree. Werner's greenhouse is also home to many varieties of beautiful orchids. He has won several prizes at the Orchid Society's Show at the Arboretum in Washington D.C. including a first in 2005 for his Glory Red Star, and another first in 2006 for his Cattleya Chocolate Drop.


Newcomers: 4707 Overbrook Road is now home to a family of three Katya Leshukova, Juan Martinez, and four yearold daughter Valeria Martinez, all recently arrived from Spain. New neighbors Deborah Eichhorn, Steve Snyder, and son Ari Snyder, now 21 months, moved into 4710 Dover Road last summer. At 5020 Park Place, Dina Brody and Randy Goldman moved in at the end of last October. Jack, Cynthia, and son Jake (age 4) Morton moved to 4609 Overbrook last fall. Mark Jaskowiak, Georgina Baker, and nineyear old son Ethan Jaskowiak arrived in the fall to 4703 Overbrook. Amy and Michael Jackson moved into 4501 Cortland Road with their children Markea (age 4) and Mehki (age 3). They hail from Iowa.
Births: Greg LeRoy, Shoon Murray, and Ellie MurrayLeRoy, age 4, received Maggie, age 8 months, on January 21 in Jiangxi Province, China. Maggie is healthy and thriving in her new home at 4832 Park Avenue Amelia Charlotte Menefee was born Sunday 25 February to happy parents Bernadette and Patrick Menefee of 4701 River Road. Death: Rada Hanu, of 5200 Western Avenue, died on January 4 this year after a long illness. Born November 4, 1926 in Sofia, Bulgaria, she came to New York to work for Radio Free Europe. After moving to Washington, she worked for the Voice of America, then part of the United States Information Service, for 22 years. While Bulgaria was still closed, Rada broadcast news and information about the outside world to people there. At the VOA she met her husband Michael Hanu who worked at the Romanian desk. Rada was known for her flair and style, and "loved to travel and to entertain lavishly" according to her good friend Elizabeth Sipkov, who cowrote a cookbook with her. Rada was active in the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Mission, and was a kind and generous neighbor and devoted gardener. We offer our deepest condolences to her friends and family.
Farewells: Sissy and Frank Rothwell, Brookdale residents on Westport Rd. for 45 years, are moving in late May to Chase Point, the new condo at Military and Western, to provide them a Washington base for Frank's work. (In November 2005 they moved part year to Naples, FL.) Frank and Sissy were president and vice president, respectively, of the Brookdale Citizens' Association, as well as leading many community activities over the years. They will be greatly missed.
Shazma Hakim and Jeff Florian and their three children Ayla, Ali, and Assim have relocated to Dubai temporarily.
Evelyn Aikman recently moved to Brighton Gardens in Friendship Heights Village. During the 40 years she and her family made their home on Cortland Road, Evelyn was a fixture of the community. From behind the scene she ran the Brookdale Citizens' Association while her husband Ed was President. Later she distributed the Bugle. She will be missed by all her friends and neighbors in Brookdale.
Compiled by Sarah Jessup

If you are a newcomer, we hope you have already received a warm welcome. We would like to publicize your presence and other transitions in the Bugle. Please send items to Sarah Jessup, secretary, at or 301-657-5676.


Art Exhibit Brookdale internationally known Thai-American artist Piyawan "Penny" Kovach is launching a gallery at Kensington's new Thai Crossing boutique with a show of her paintings, "On the Bright Side." The show runs from April 3 to May 31. Thai Crossing, at 10426 Fawcett Street in Kensington's Old Town, is open every day. Thai Crossing, a recent venture of Bethesda dentist Dr. Usa Bunnag, serves a threefold purpose: to support the rural Thai crafts tradition, which by promoting economic selfsufficiency eliminates any temptation to traffic women and children and stems population drain to the overcrowded city; to contribute to Dr. Bunnag's nonprofit charity, Smiles on Wings, that brings dental care and other humanitarian support to the poorest of Thais; and to build bridges of crosscultural understanding through display of Thailand's beautiful arts and crafts. A portion of store proceeds, including any sale of Penny's paintings, will go to Smiles on Wings. Peter and Penny Kovach hope Brookdale neighbors will drop by Thai Crossing and enjoy the culture of Penny's mother country as well as paintings produced in the studio of their Brookdale home!

Fiesta at Westbrook Westbrook Elementary School will hold its annual carnival on Friday, May 4 from 3 to 7:30 p.m. The theme is "Fiesta Westbrook." All are welcome. The school is located at 5110 Allan Terrace. Contact Natalie Nunes at 301-654-5203 for more information.

Neighborhood New Parents Group Brookdale Playgroup: Young children and their parents or caregivers have been gathering each Wednesday afternoon between 3:30 and 5:30 at Brookdale Park, weather permitting. In the coming months, the park will be closed for several weeks for renovations, at which point the group can gather temporarily at the new playground in Ft. Bayard Park at the corner of River and Western, on the D.C. side. Contact Marina Bowsher, 301-215-7667 or

Independence Day Parade The annual Independence Day Parade and Party will be held the morning of July 4, starting in Brookdale Park. Specifics will be announced closer to the date on the web, through the listserv, and in posted notices.

Cats and Dogs
Montgomery County Code (Sect. 5-203) provides a number of restrictions on pets. Neither unaltered cats nor dogs may leave their owner's property without being on a leash. Owners may not allow any animal to enter private property without the property owner's permission. Cats and dogs may not damage or defecate on private property. If animals defecate on public property, feces must be removed immediately by their owners.

When Trash Collections Shift
While this information is on our website, many residents do not have access to the web. Our usual day for recycling and trash pickup "slides" a day when there is a county holiday during the business week. The only days affected by holidays are in the weeks following January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and December 25. For example, if your usual day for collection is Friday, the collection after Thanksgiving will be Saturday.

Brookdale Electronic Bulletin Board Join the secure electronic bulletin board established for Brookdale eyes only at to share email addresses and read messages posted by other members.

Brookdale Listserv To join the listserv simply send an e-mail with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject line to

Classified Ads

Party Entertainment: The Party Masters, MFAs in Theater and Educ. "Highly skilled entertainers for your child's next party." See:; call 301-907-6853.
Pet Sitting: Brookdale school teacher will care for your dog or cat in your home. Reasonable rates from an experienced pet sitter. Call Brooke at 301-907-6853.
Pet Sitting: Offering pet care at home, dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight care. Call Amy at 571-334-6909. Summer Beach Rental: Beautiful home in North Bethany, Del., available for rent. Ocean View one back from ocean. Remodeling and new mastersuite addition with private rooftop deck just completed. We rent Thursday to Thursday so you can avoid the weekend traffic. Gorgeous private beach and parking for up to 3 cars. Four bedrooms, all amenities. Limit 8. Pictures at No smoking or pets. Pet care may be available through Brookdale's "Brooke's Dog and Cat Care." Contact owner at with any questions.

Teens Seek Work [contact info in the Brookdale directory]
Annika Glennon, 14, babysitting and pet-walking.
Ian Glennon, 16, yardwork, pet walking.
Harriet Carson, 13, babysitting/dog walking/pet sitting.
Emily Carson, 16, babysitting/dog walking/pet sitting.
Margot Sanne, 13, babysitter and pet care, (certified and experienced)
Josie Silva-Lopez, 15, babysitting and petcare; babysitting certificate.

The classified section of the Brookdale Bugle is provided as a service to Brookdale residents, who may place ads free of charge. A fee of $15 will be charged for ads placed by nonresidents, and all ads are subject to approval by the Brookdale Citizens' Association Executive Committee. The Brookdale Bugle is a publication of the Brookdale Citizens' Association.
        Bugle Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gwen Lewis
        Assistant Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Deborah Kalb
        (Hard copy) Layout . . . . . . . Steve Langer

The deadline to submit articles, notices, and ads for the September 2007 issue of the Brookdale Bugle is 9 p.m. August 31st.
Please send to glewis -AT-

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