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Annual Meeting, May 2009
House Sales
Wisconsin Place Recreation Center
Water Main Breaks
President's Message

Although I accepted the office of President in May of this year, I have not been active in community affairs since then. My husband, Michael Sullivan died on June 26 and so my life has been very focused over the past three months. Activities and issues in Brookdale during this first quarter are covered below.

But first, I would like to use this space to thank the members of this wonderful community for the care and love and support that you have shown us during this painful time. Back in 1995 when Michael and I first arrived in Brookdale, we realized fairly quickly that we had moved into a special neighborhood. And that awareness had grown as we got to know more of our neighbors over the subsequent 14 years. During the past few terrible months, there have been so many heartfelt expressions of concern and then of sorrow, so many offers of concrete help and contributions of food to feed the many family and friends who came from out of town to mourn our loss of Michael. We were encircled by a warm and caring community. Thank you.

On the local development front, current anticipated opening of the Rec Center in Wisconsin Place is about September 12, and the Whole Foods is planning its opening for April 2010. I also understand that a computer store has opened on Wisconsin Circle. The saga of curbs for Brookdale continues. You will recall that part of Brookdale got new or refurbished curbs last year. But the project was put on hold for the remainder of the neighborhood while an engineering feasibility study was conducted to ensure that roads were wide enough and that water drainage would not be impeded. The study is now complete and is on the Brookdale website. Montgomery County has decided not to proceed with any further curbing in Brookdale because the curbs would have the effect of concentrating heavier rain water flow in the neighborhood, given the lay of the land. For those interested in this subject, please read the study and, if you have questions or continuing concerns about curbs/drainage, please share them with either Steve Snyder (sbsnyder22 <-at-> or Jesse Witten (amnonwitten <-at-> who will do any followup with Montgomery County.

As a secondary issue, the County did offer remaining residents the opportunity to have their driveway aprons repaved by the County contractor in what appears to be a competent and cost efficient process. Those affected would have found a written invitation on their front doors, inviting them to express interest in that offer. Jesse Witten also sent out an email on the subject for those who might have been on holiday. The response has been substantial and the work is scheduled to begin in late September .

On the GEICO front, the houses on Cortland are all being gradually upgraded, and it is the intent of GEICO to retain these houses for the use of GEICO associates who are posted to the area for various periods of time. There are no plans to rent them on the open market. Nor are there any plans afoot to proceed with development of the GEICO property.

Thanks on behalf of Brookdale to Jesse Witten and Steve Snyder and Co. for organizing July 4th festivities. Plans are underway for the annual Halloween party for the kids in the park. Maria Szalay (maria_szalay <-at-> has offered to coordinate but would love other volunteers to lend a hand. And as always, anyone who is interested in getting involved in community affairs in any capacity is encouraged to contact any member of the Executive Committee.

— Marie Moylan


Marie Moylan, newly elected President, has lived in Brookdale since 1995. Irish by birth, she grew up in Canada and came to Washington to work for the World Bank in 1995. Her professional qualifications and experience are in the field of human resource management. She retired from the World Bank four years ago and continues to enjoy full time cycling and gardening with a little international consulting on the side. She served as VP, Brookdale North for 3 years (2006–2009). 951-7153 mariemoylan <-at->

Larry Broadwell
, our Treasurer, has lived in the Orchardale section with his wife, Marsha, since 1994. The Broadwells met as undergraduates at George Washington University. They have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. Now retired, Larry has served as financial officer for the U.S. subsidiary of the Danish Maersk Line shipping interests, for New York's Museum of Modern Art, and for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Now, he goes backpacking, leads hikes and writes trail guides for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, while Marsha is a heavy-duty volunteer for the National Zoo. 215-7135 bakpacker1 <-at->

Jonathan Cedarbaum
, our newly elected Secretary, and his wife Alice Winkler, have lived in Brookdale since 2002. Both are originally from the Northeast, Jonathan from a suburb of New York City and Alice from northern New Jersey. They have a 6-year-old son, Louis, and a 4-year-old daughter, Dahlia. Jonathan recently joined the Obama Administration in the Department of Justice, having previously been a litigation partner in a law firm downtown. Alice has been a producer at National Public Radio for more than two decades. 986-5208 jgcedarbaum <-at->

Peter Sisler
, Vice President Wohlshire. Peter was born and raised in Ithaca, NY and often misses boating on the Finger Lakes. Peter and his wife, Deniz, moved to Merivale Road in 1995. Their son, Lewis (7), is in 2nd grade at Westbrook, where Peter enjoys leading the "wolf" cub scout den. Peter is a writer who has worked as a journalist in various locations, including Washington, Colorado, Europe and the Middle East for several newspapers and two international wire services. He is an avid tennis player and is always looking for new local partners. During the past year, Peter served as Secretary for Brookdale. 652-3992 peter.sisler <-at->

Steve Snyder
, Vice President for Brookdale South (the south side of River Road), his wife Deborah and their now four-year-old son Ari moved to Brookdale in October, 2006. They love the country friendliness of the community combined with the convenience to D.C. in fact, they love the neighborhood so much they had a daughter, Rebecca, last December to increase their presence. Steve regularly rides his bicycle to work in downtown Washington, and Deborah and Steve sometimes ride their tandem bicycle (towing Ari in a trailer on the back) to work. Steve is a homicide prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's Office in D.C. and Deborah is an analyst for the Government Accountability Office. 657-2760 sbsnyder22 <-at->

Maria Szalay
, newly elected Vice President for Orchardale, and her two daughters Natalia (7) and Isabella (6) moved to Orchardale in 2004. Maria grew up in Westmoreland Hills and left the DC area to work in San Francisco and New Zealand for 10 years. Maria runs Product Development for an education company located in Herndon Virginia. On weekends, Maria and her daughters love hiking and exploring new places and things. Maria looks forward to getting to know the Brookdale community better while serving in this role. maria_szalay <-at->

Jesse Witten
, VP for Brookdale North, his wife Melissa, and children Paul, Andrew and Maddy, have lived in Brookdale since 1999, after two years in The Irene. He is starting his eighth year of a projected 13year stint as a Westbrook Elementary School parent. Jesse grew up in Cincinnati, but is originally from Baltimore. He is an attorney with Drinker, Biddle & Reath where he defends people accused of Medicare fraud and previously worked at the U.S. Department of Justice. 986-4648 amnonwitten <-at->

Citizen Vigilance Brings Official Action

Brookdale residents, annoyed by a blocked sidewalk on Friendship Boulevard next to GEICO, took action to resolve the situation. In late spring, vehicles began parking diagonally on Friendship Boulevard in two blacktop areas of the sidewalk between Western Avenue and Willard Avenue, forcing pedestrians into the street. Bill McCloskey, Leslie Kefauver and other residents alerted officials, including the police and Robert Schwartzbart, member of the Friendship Heights Council and President of the Transportation Management District. In response to these calls, the pedestrian problem in midblock was solved with the installation of upright posts along what otherwise would be the curb. Kyle Liang of the County Transportation Dept. says they will install flexible posts along the south driveway access as weather and scheduling permit.

Neighborhood Security Report — Jesse Witten

The Montgomery County Police Department maintains crime statistics for regions it calls "police reporting areas" or "PRAs." The portion of Brookdale east of River Road is PRA005. The portion of Brookdale west of River Road is part a larger police reporting area, PRA004, which comprises the area bounded by River Road, Western Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, and the Crescent Trail.

The Police Department has provided the following information on criminal incidents, occurring June 1 through September 15, in PRA005 (the portion of Brookdale east of River Road):
June 15: 5200 block of Andover, bicycle taken from garage 
June 16: 4700 block of River Road, theft from auto 
June 26: 5000 block of Dalton, bicycle taken from porch 
         5300 block of Sherrill, burglary of shed 
         5300 block of Sherrill, burglary 
         5000 block of Dalton, bicycle taken 
June 29: 5300 block of Saratoga, theft 
         5300 block of Westport, bicycle taken 
         5300 block of Westport, different bicycle recovered 
July 19: 5300 block of Sherrill, theft from auto 

As indicated, four incidents occurred on June 26, a Friday. In the early morning hours of that day, one or more thieves stole expensive, high-quality bicycles from at least four homes in Brookdale and from additional homes in neighborhoods near Brookdale. (The "burglary of shed" and "burglary" occurring on June 26 were apparently bicycle thefts.) In some of these cases, including in at least two of the Brookdale thefts, the thieves used tools to cut locks on sheds where the bicycles were kept. They took only expensive bicycles, such as Cannondales, leaving behind inexpensive bikes as well as other valuable items that they could have stolen. Two additional thefts of bicycles were reported in Brookdale three days later, on June 29. These facts strongly suggest that someone had checked out our neighborhood and other close-by neighborhoods looking for expensive bicycles to steal, and had planned the thefts in advance.

The Police Department has also provided the following data on criminal incidents in the summer of 2008 and this past summer for PRA004 (the area bounded by River Road, Western Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, and the Crescent Trail). The data show an increase in criminal activity from last year:

Event Type           May-Aug 2008 May-Aug 2009
Robbery                 0 	  1
Residential Burglary    1	  3 
Commercial Burglary     1	  0 
Larceny from Vehicle    8 	 28 
Auto theft              0 	  3
Total                  10	 35
The robbery on the list occurred on August 25, at the Western Market, 4800 Western Avenue. Of the three residential burglaries, one was an attempt only. Both the "successful" burglaries involved entry through an unsecured or open window.

At least 21 of the 28 thefts from vehicles involved unlocked cars. It is unclear whether the other seven thefts from vehicles involved locked or unlocked cars; there were no signs of forced entry in these seven cases. According to the community relations officer, the police have arrested "several individuals" responsible for some of the thefts from vehicle incidents. One of those arrested is currently incarcerated awaiting trial.

Two of the three automobile thefts involved the same vehicle, which was stolen after a key was left in the vehicle. The vehicle was recovered and then stolen again, presumably with the original stolen key.

Finally, and recently, a disturbing incident occurred in nearby Washington, D.C. On September 9, at approximately 9:30 p.m., two men mugged a man who was walking on the 4700 block of Davenport Street, N.W (two blocks from Western Avenue) with his IPod in his ears. One of the men grabbed the victim from behind and knocked him to the ground, while a second man held a gun. The two muggers struck the victim several times in the face, and stole cash and his Ipod.

What Can We Do?
• Lock your car doors
• Lock the doors and windows to your home
• Keep the bushes in front of your house cut low
• Have good lighting outside your home
• If you see someone suspicious in the neighborhood,report it to the police non-emergency line: 301-279-8000. Of course, call 911 for emergencies.
• Stay informed, and share relevant information with your neighbors, by joining the Brookdale listserv.

If you have any ideas about what else we can do, or are interested in participating in a neighborhood task force to consider further neighborhood security issues, please e-mail Jesse Witten, VP of Brookdale North, at amnonwitten <-at->

Real Estate Transactions in Brookdale, April through August
– Phyllis Wiesenfelder*

5303 Baltimore Av is on the market for $849,000. Listed at $860,000 on 7/22, it is a colonial with 3 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths and built in 1947.

4602 Overbrook Rd was listed on 7/24 for $875,000. The 3- bedroom, 3-bath home was built in 1937.

5329 Baltimore Ave was listed for $825,000 on 7/9. It went under contract on 7/23. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths and was built in 1947.

4726 Merivale Rd was listed for $499,000 on 6/27, went under contract on 6/30, and closed on 7/21 for $520,000. The 3- bedroom, 1 1/2-bath colonial was built in 1951.
*An agent for Long & Foster Realtors.

Brookdale Citizens' Association Annual Meeting
– Peter Sisler
The Annual Meeting of the Brookdale Citizens' Association, held May 20, 2009 at Westbrook Elementary School, was chaired by Abner Oakes, acting president for the term. Topics discussed follow.

Neighborhood Safety
Larry Broadwell presented information on safety in the neighborhood. He stated that local crime statistics showed a doubling of theft reports – most from parked cars, including many left unlocked. Such breakins are considered "opportunity thefts" due to cars being unlocked overnight. Larry encouraged residents to ensure their cars are locked at all times. Marina Bowsher encouraged people to call the nonemergency police number to report thefts as a way of bringing an increased police presence.

Westbrook Elementary School Expansion
Abner Oakes said Westbrook Elementary School is slated, possibly as early as next year, for renovation and expansion under the Montgomery County schools capital improvement plan. The number of students has increased dramatically in recent years; a population of 415 students is projected for 2010. A local committee is in place to monitor the school's development.

Local Development
Bob Cope, Brookdale representative on the Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights (CCCFH), reported on the status of local development. He said the Wisconsin Place complex was due to complete construction in early July. Restaurants and other retail businesses were expected to open in the Fall. Whole Foods has delayed opening until the Spring of 2010. Montgomery County was adding a dedicated rightturn lane on Wisconsin Avenue in front of the complex, and 20 kiss-and-ride spaces would be in place to accommodate Metro riders. The redevelopment of the Westbard shopping complex, including the River Road business strip, is due to undergo a feasibility study with input from the community over the next year to 18 months. Bob said there should be local concern for the proposed development since the County had placed Westbard in the same category as White Flint in Rockville, where approval was granted for up to 18story buildings.

New Community and Recreation Center Eric Sanne, a second CCCFH representative, said the new 22,000 square foot community center in the Wisconsin Place complex would benefit our neighborhood, but it was important to have representation on the center's new committee to ensure that programs and equipment at the center meet the needs of local residents. Eric said the formal opening had been delayed by the absence of a new director for the center, but it was expected to open in the summer. [See update]

Larry Broadwell, Treasurer, presented the preliminary annual fiscal report showing an estimated closing balance for our accounts of $14,071.35 as of May 31, 2009. This represents a net increase of $1,278.78 over the balance at May 31, 2008, the end of the previous fiscal year. [See the final report.] The report was approved by acclamation.

The community expressed interest (through a show of hands) in holding a meeting this year with officials from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) to discuss the spate of local water main breaks and improvements to service.

It was noted that a new Brookdale directory of residents had been completed and distributed. Thanks were offered to Abigail Grossman and Sarah Jessup for finishing the project.

Nancy McCloskey presented the slate of candidates nominated for the executive committee. The nominating committee members were Mike Makuch (chairman), Hal Wolman, Diane Tanman and Nancy McCloskey. Jonathan Cedarbaum nominated himself and was approved for the position of secretary. The nominees were approved as a group by voice vote. Elected officers for 2009–2010:
President, Marie Moylan VP Brookdale North, Jesse Witten VP Brookdale South, Steve Snyder VP Orchardale, Maria Szalay VP Wohlshire, Peter Sisler Treasurer, Larry Broadwell Secretary, Jonathan Cedarbaum

Grateful thanks were extended to outgoing officers Marina Bowsher (VP Orchardale), Shaazka Beyerle (VP Wohlshire), and Abner Oakes (VP Brookdale South).

The well attended meeting lasted an hour and 17 minutes.

2009 Fourth of July Brookdale Celebration
—Laura Jeliazkov*

This year's Fourth of July party was a great success! Plenty of people showed up, the crowd consisting of both old faces and new, many of them sporting patriotic hats. The snack tables were loaded with sweets – doughnuts, popcorn, cupcakes, and cookies; luckily there was a little room left over for some fruit. A big thank you to Jonathan Cedarbaum (Brookdale Secretary), Jesse Witten (Vice President of Brookdale North), the Molot family, and everyone else who organized the event and made sure we had enough food by bringing tasty tidbits to the party. And of course it couldn't have been complete without all of the Brookdale neighbors who showed up!

As 10:30 rolled around, time for the parade, we ran into some trouble – the fire truck wasn't showing up. A small cluster of men had gathered in the street, and they seemed to be discussing something. As some of the curious partygoers watched (including me) one of the men – Jesse Witten – detached himself from the group and yelled out, "OK everybody, the fire truck is on a call, so we're gonna have this parade by ourselves!"

At this announcement, everyone gathered in the street, leaving the once packed playground and snack tables deserted. A boom box was switched on with patriotic music, and the parade began. Without the fire truck, the parade was a different experience! The line of people came with large gaps in-between, and it was very stretched out. It was like a piece of silly putty being pulled apart – with two big clumps on either end and a thin stretched out middle. In some places during the parade, the putty was completely torn apart. When I came onto Andover Road, for example, I found myself alone and it took a few minutes before another bunch of people showed up around the bend.

But whatever shape the parade took on, its spirit was never broken; we were a happy group of neighbors getting together to celebrate our country's independence. As every year, our enthusiasm showed itself in the crowd of red, white and blue hats, bikes and wagons and scooters, all covered in flowing ribbons and bows, and carefully chosen outfits that included all three patriotic colors (or as close as we could get).

Thank you so much to all the people who made it possible.

*Laura is 13 and an 8th grader at Westland Middle School. She is a regular contributor to The Brookdale Bugle.

Update on the Wisconsin Place Recreation Center — Eric Sanne

I'm sure you've walked by our new Wisconsin Place Community Recreation Center ("Center") many times since the intended May opening and peeked in the door. You do know don't you that after years of negotiations, bickering and re-negotiations that New England Development (and Archstone-Smith and Boston Properties) ("NED") has built a 21,000 square foot community recreation center off of Friendship Blvd as a community amenity to their site? Perhaps you even recall that after NED agreed to provide and build the amenity the County did not initially want to run the facility? A lot has happened since the 1998 Friendship Heights Sector Plan was adopted, a Plan that only called for a 12,000 square foot facility. Friendship Heights Sector Plan, page 56.

So now you wonder, what will the Center offer? When is it going to open? Well, read on and find out what's happening with the Center, how you can participate, what it will offer, and when it will open.

Already in place are two full time career staff. David Branick is the Center Director. Valerie Graham also will work there full time and is in charge of the county-wide Teen Leadership Programs. Among other programs, Ms. Graham heads the Youth Advisory Committee, a county-wide program with focus on helping youths work on resume skills, job skills and life expectations. Much of her time will be devoted to her Leadership Programs with some additional responsibilities at the Center mixed in. Seasonal staff will complement the permanent staff. Furniture, computers and phones are in place and staff await signing of the all important Memorandum of Understanding (MOU, pronounced moo and reminiscent of the sound a cow makes when unhappy). David expects that in Q4 of 2009 or Q1 2010 he will create the Wisconsin Place Community Recreation Center Advisory Committee as an advisory group to further support operations and initiatives at the Center. Interested Citizens are encouraged to pick up an application at the Center. Additionally, volunteer opportunities will be available at the Center as well.

Facility Amenities
With two floors and 21,000 square feet the Center boasts a Gymnasium, a large 1500 square foot Activity Room, a smaller 1300 foot Activity Room, a Conference Room, a Child Play Area and a Weight Room. Additionally, the Center sports a gracious lobby where people of all ages can mix. Linda Barlock, Director, Potomac Community Center, indicated that this one feature can be a very significant in creating a real sense of community. The Gym was a focal point of negotiations in designing the Center and during Winter months we can expect that county wide basketball will dominate its bookings. However, David also anticipates several open, drop-in programs as well, offered once or twice a week. Programs for Seniors, Adults and Youth drop-in programs are in the works. David is especially keen on the Silver Sneaker Program which allows Montgomery County residents 55 years or older to use any Montgomery County Community Center weight room free of charge Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 2:00pm. This also includes scheduled Open Gym activities in the gymnasium, such as Senior Basketball. David expects the schedule of drop-in programs to include volleyball, lunch-time basketball, tiny tots drop-in and even Ultimate Frisbee. Gym rentals, at least during the height of the basketball season mostly will be on weekends.

The Fire Marshall has not finalized figures, but the large Activity Room should accommodate around 150 seats and the smaller Activity Room around 100. Equipment for the Child Play area has not arrived yet but it will feature a padded floor and will be dedicated exclusively for parent-supervised children's free play. Use of the Children's Play area will be included in the $25 per year drop-in fee. The Weight Room will feature free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment including exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. Three month, six month and twelve month memberships are available.

Parking is an issue. Paid parking is available through Wisconsin Place which hosts 1,760 spaces and, of course, the Center is just steps away from the Friendship Heights Metro Station.

Activities devolve into two categories: planned and rental. Planned activities include classes for Dance, Wellness, Cooking, Tiny Tots ("Funfit"), Child Art (ages 2-5), Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga. These classes already are scheduled. The Montgomery County Fall Recreation Guide features over twenty classes at the Center, some as early as September 12. The Guide may be obtained at Additionally, Montgomery County classes can be found online at Rec Web, The Recreation Department's online registration website. The Brookdale website has a link that will search for classes at Wisconsin Place Recreation Center. David indicates that everyone is hoping and planning on the dates listed on the site, but they do remain tentative. For her part, Linda Barlock, spoke highly of the mix of child and adult community activities and emphasized that the mix of these has contributed to a very successful and widely used Potomac facility. For rental purposes David will publish shortly a rate schedule but cautions that many factors go into a rate schedule some of which have not been finalized. The rooms available for rent are the Gym, Conference Room and both Activity Rooms. All rooms will have a non-profit rate and a private rental rate. For comparison purposes only, rates at the Potomac Recreation Center are: Meeting Room $20/35; Social Hall $100/140; Activity Room $20/35 and Gym (limited availability) $75. Center rates may vary. Among other uses, rooms are available for birthday parties, meetings, receptions and youth and adult team activities. Parties interested in renting a room should contact the Center to receive a rental application.

The Delay in Opening the Center
So now we come to the biggest question: is it open yet? Misquoted or not, I join the rebellious Dick in saying, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." Park and Planning, a state agency (yes, the Planning Board, who report to the Montgomery Council, are state employees), New England Development, Archstone-Smith and Boston Properties, and the Montgomery County Department of Recreation continue to struggle to work out liability issues. According to Steve Robbins, attorney for NED, and as quoted in the Gazette, the Center cost 7.5-8 million to construct. NED, with some justification, does not wish to face liability issues resulting from the Center's use. The County, meanwhile, approved an opening budget to start operations of $572,000, and equally is eager to drive a hard bargain. While staff, dιcor and classes are ready, the fateful MOU yet has to be signed. David is going on the assumption that a mid-September rolling opening is realistic but ultimately this is just his best guess. Thus, the October Brookdale Meeting will have to be at Westbrook Elementary School as this issue of the Bugle is the last general notification of the event.

Center Access and Hours
A free Access Card is required for entry into all Montgomery County Recreation Department facilities and can be obtained at any Recreation facility. The card can be scanned at the front desk upon entry to the center. The purpose of scanning Access Cards is twofold. Scanning your Access Card helps the Center track who is in the building and, in the event of an emergency, allows them to reach your emergency contact. The information gathered from scans is also helpful to Center staff in determining which programs are successful and need more resources.

The hours for the center are:
Monday-Thursday: 9am to 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Contact Info:
Schedule of Classes
Wisconsin Place Community Recreation Center, 240.777.8088
David Branick, Community Center Director, 240.777.6900
Valerie Graham, Teen Leadership Programs, 240.777.8084
Robin Riley, Division Chief for the Montgomery County Recreation Department, 240.777.6810

—Barbara Ingersoll*

If you've lost a pet or want to advertise your yard sale or other event, what's the first thing you think of to alert your neighbors and enlist their help? Post notices on telephone poles and benches around the neighborhood, right?

After all, that's the method the county uses to inform us about dates for the annual leaf removal on our streets. It's also the same way in which the local elementary school advertises its annual event. Even the Brookdale Citizens' Association avails itself of this means of getting the word out about some events. So, what's wrong with this approach? Pretty much everything. It consumes a lot of time, effort, and materials; it's an inefficient means of communicating; and – believe it or not – it's illegal. Let's start with the time-and-effort factor. The first step is to make a big batch of eye-catching posters and encase each in a plastic sleeve to protect it from rain or snow. Step two involves hiking through our rather large neighborhood and attaching your posters to numerous telephone poles. (Note: If you've ever tried to post a notice on a telephone pole, you know that it's easier to pound a nail into a rock than it is to poke a thumbtack or a staple into a telephone pole.) Finally, when the event is over or the pet has been found, you must repeat the process in reverse, going through the neighborhood to remove your posters.

While you might be willing to jump through these hoops to find your missing pet or your lost eyeglasses, do you really think that someone who finds your property is willing to put that much energy into finding the owner? Brookdale abounds in caring neighbors – witness the fact that a truly kind soul recently found a lost pet mouse and was concerned enough to try to reunite the little fellow with its owner – but how many of us are willing to run around posting "found" notices on telephone poles? As for efficiency, the odds are against you here. Pedestrians can read your posters but, to drivers, they are little more than a blur, so your audience is limited to those who regularly walk through the neighborhood. What if I spotted your missing dog a day or two ago but didn't realize that he was lost until I went out for a walk today? Not very helpful in reuniting you with your pet. Finally, as a concerned neighbor noted on a recent edition of the Brookdale listserve, the staples used to attach posters will rust if left in place, leaving sharp edges that protrude and can puncture skin. While we want to protect folks who sit on benches to which notices have been affixed, why should we care about sharp edges on telephone poles? As another good neighbor added, the utility company is concerned that linemen who climb the poles can be injured by the rusting debris from staples. For this reason, it is actually illegal to staple notices to telephone poles.

What's a better alternative? By joining the Brookdale listserve, you can convey your message immediately to your neighbors without the need to invest a lot of time, energy, and resources. Equally important – or even more so - is the fact that finders of your lost property don't have to expend enormous time and effort in trying to reunite you with your missing item. A bonus is that you will be alerted to other events in our neighborhood, including reports of suspicious characters, questionable door-to-door salesmen, and vehicle break-ins.

The listserve, as I noted in the last issue of The Bugle, is sadly under-utilized, with only 189 individuals signed up as of last report. You can join by going to Of course, you can still post your message on telephone poles, too, if you'd like. Just be sure that you attach your posters with push-pins instead of staples and that you retrieve them within a reasonable period of time. And don't forget to recycle those plastic sleeves!
*Barbara Ingersoll is a past Vice-President, Brookdale South.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." — Nelson Henderson, 19th century Irish immigrant If you would like a free tree near the street on your property, contact Montgomery County Street Tree Program as indicated on the Brookdale Website.

Community Notices


The Brookdale Halloween party will be held Saturday, October 31st, starting at 10am. Look for more details in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in helping plan or organize, please contact Maria at maria_szalay <-at->


The Literacy Council of Montgomery County will hold information sessions for volunteers interested in helping adults learn to read, write, or speak English. Sessions will take place at the Rockville Library at 7:30 pm on September 2, October 7, and October 27; at the Germantown Library at 7:30 pm on October 5; at the Wheaton Library at 7:30 pm on October 29. Once volunteers complete the orientation, they select a twopart training session that fits their schedules. No foreign language skills are necessary. Tutors work one-on-one or with small groups, and typically meet with students in libraries or community centers at mutually convenient times. For complete details, call 301-610-0030, email info <-at->, or visit Brookdale resident Shelly Block is head of this program. Thanks, Shelly for keeping us informed of the need.


There are at least 15 artists residing in Brookdale who have indicated an interest in being in touch, sharing information, and possibly mounting an exhibit of their art. Dianne Wolman will host a first meeting in her home at 5009 Westport Road on Wednesday, October 28 at 8:00 pm. At the first meeting, we will share information about our artistic efforts. Please bring one piece of work to show and information on your website locations, studios, or other relevant information. We would like to discuss whether a joint show of our work is a possibility. If you have not responded previously, but would like to be included, contact Gwen Lewis (301-215-9224) with information on your medium. If you would like to attend our first get-together, please call Dianne at 301-718-8438.


Lango Montgomery County offers full immersion and FUN Spanish, French and Mandarin classes for children from18 months to 9 years of age. For further information, please call 301-655-5277, email langomoco [at] gmail [dot] com or check our website Denise Holmes, Brookdale resident, provides this information.

Water Main Breaks Continue
– Bill McCloskey

June brought more WSSC leaks to Brookdale. During the first week of June, "Lake Park Avenue" was recreated when the main at the corners of Park Ave. and Park Place erupted again bringing equipment, lighting trucks and workers to rereplace a section of pipe that had burst numerous previous times.

After intercession from Councilmember Roger Berliner's staff, WSSC responded eight days after a June 14 report of another leak, this one much smaller, at the corner of Keokuk and Overbrook, scene of several past water main breaks, the most recent in January. WSSC reported that it repaired and repacked a valve. One of the workers told a neighbor that the valve had been "thumbtightened" the last time it was repaired rather than tightened with a wrench. WSSC is planning a major replacement of water mains in the area sometime in 2010. The agency has prepared a generic brochure on the disruptions that can be expected:

WSSC reported in July that there were 1,972 water main breaks or leaks in its service territory between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Aging infrastructure was blamed. The Park Ave. main was laid in 1930. WSSC's budget for the current fiscal year that started in July calls for replacing 31 miles of water main and 46 miles of sewer main.

Dues Now Due: It's time to renew our Brookdale Association membership for the current fiscal year. The dues remain a modest $20 per household. As usual, this contribution helps pay for community services such as neighborhood gatherings (Halloween, 4th of July), production of the Brookdale Bugle and the community Directory, and, if necessary, engagement with developers over plans that could impact all of us and the character of our special neighborhood. Please use the enclosed [in the hard copy] envelope to remit payment, or drop it off with the treasurer at 5306 Saratoga Avenue.


Michael Sullivan
, of 4503 Dalton Road, died of multiple myeloma on June 25, 2009 at the age of 66. He has been a resident of Brookdale since 1995. A Canadian, he came to Washington from the Canadian Department of Justice in Ottawa in 1992 to work for the Organization of American States (OAS) as an attorney and worked there until his retirement last year. During his years at the OAS, he traveled extensively in Central and South America and greatly enjoyed his immersion in the languages, cultures and political issues of that continent. He is survived by his wife, Marie Moylan, and an extended family in Canada.

Pat Fink
, resident of 4726 Merivale for more than 50 years, died in August of 2008. She was known in the community for her love of Bassett Hounds and very liberal causes. Born in St. Louis and quickly becoming the radical black sheep of her conservative family, she left home early, but never severed her ties with her sister and her sister's two daughters who survive her. She never liked to think about the past, but her career -- as much as anyone could pry out of her -- was fascinating. Among other things, she was an early employee of the CIA (perhaps part of its original group), translating documents from Russian into English. She claimed they were mostly boring 5 year plan goals for collective farms. Later, she tried her hand at cartooning -- but her cartoons, particularly those championing civil rights -- were for the most part too liberal for the United States press. She sold her efforts to a European group with some success -- until they found out that Pat was not Patrick but Patricia. Feminism became one of her causes as a result of that bitterly ironic experience. Throughout her life, she fearlessly shared her strong opinions with anyone willing to listen or argue. She hated seeming even partially dependent in her later years, but loved to learn about the world (especially its politics) and continued to champion liberal causes. Her husband Jerry Fink and son Mark pre-deceased her.


We welcome Graham Tesky & Jane Pepperall, and their children Molly, Geordan and Rose, who have just arrived from the U.K. They are renting a home on Andover Road, and will be in this area for three years.

If you are a newcomer, we hope you have already received a warm welcome. We would like to publicize your presence and other transitions in the Bugle. Please send items to the secretary, as listed on the website.

Classified Ads

Teens Seek Work
Annika Glennon (17), babysitting and pet sitting.
Tamsen Evans (16), enthusiastic pet care
Naomi Langer (13), babysitting,

Headline writer for Brookdale Bugle. Contact Gwen Lewis at 301-215-9224 or glewis <-at->

DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR HOUSEWORK? Reliable, meticulous, experienced housekeeper available now. Brookdale references; citizen. Please call Margarita at 301-221- 7921.

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Post-Graduation Destinations
– Judy Rivlin & Sarah Sanne

After celebrating the High School graduation of many within our Brookdale neighborhood, we are now bidding them a fond faretheewell as they take their next steps. These recent grads are heading off to the following colleges:
Nina Godles 	Brandeis University 
Sam Hopkins 	Reed College 
Lucas Husted 	Brown University 
Albert Kurtz 	Montgomery College 
Nicholas Leon 	Dickenson College 
Nancy Makuch 	Colorado College 
Anuj Mukherjee 	Dickenson College 
Luke Patterson 	Cornell University 
Sarah Sanne 	Tulane University 
Lauren Tanman 	St Mary's College of MD 
Wagner Wiegand 	Bucknell University 
Best Wishes to all of you!

: The April 2009 issue neglected to give the name of Sam Hopkins, Park Ave., who graduated from Richard Montgomery High School this spring. Congratulations, Sam!

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